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Kitsune eSports/Schedule History

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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2018,3,18,22,00LPL Summer LeagueWeek 7Kitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsQuad Gaminglogo std.pngQuad GamingWin3 - 1
2018,3,10,20,00LPL Summer LeagueWeek 6Kitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsDynasty Gaminglogo std.pngDynasty GamingWin3 - 0
2018,3,04,20,00LPL Summer LeagueWeek 5Kitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsThe Clutcherslogo std.pngThe ClutchersWin3 - 0
2018,2,24,22,00LPL Summer LeagueWeek 4Kitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsLuxury Teamlogo std.pngLuxury TeamLoss2 - 3
2018,2,17,20,00LPL Summer LeagueWeek 3Kitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsAfterDark eSportslogo std.pngAfterDark eSportsWin3 - 0
2018,2,10,20,00LPL Summer LeagueWeek 2Kitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsFlawLess eSportslogo std.pngFlawLess eSportsWin3 - 2
2018,2,04,20,00LPL Summer LeagueWeek 1Kitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsAbsolute Zerologo std.pngAbsolute ZeroWin3 - 1
2017,10,28,22,15Copa Sudamericana 2017LR3Equal Gaminglogo std.pngEqual GamingKitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsLoss2 - 0
2017,10,28,21,00Copa Sudamericana 2017LR2AfterDark eSportslogo std.pngAfterDark eSportsKitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsWin0 - 2
2017,10,28,19,45Copa Sudamericana 2017LR1LgnDary e-Sportslogo std.pngLgnDary e-SportsKitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsWin1 - 2
2017,10,28,16,00Copa Sudamericana 2017WR1Equal Gaminglogo std.pngEqual GamingKitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsLoss3 - 0
2017,9,10,21,30LPL PlayoffsLFKitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsVirtue Gaminglogo std.pngVirtue GamingLoss0 - 3Vod
2017,9,10,18,30LPL PlayoffsWFKitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSports4LF4 Teamlogo std.png4LF4 TeamLoss2 - 3Vod
2017,9,09,23,00LPL PlayoffsWR2AfterDark eSportslogo std.pngAfterDark eSportsKitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsWin2 - 3Vod
2017,9,09,17,00LPL PlayoffsWR1Kitsune eSportslogo std.pngKitsune eSportsTech Titanslogo std.pngTech TitansWin3 - 2Vod