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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2019,6,05,17,00CTP Liga 2019Week 14LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingFor The Win Esportslogo std.pngFTW EsportsLoss0 - 3
2019,6,05,16,00CTP Liga 2019Week 14LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingFekyX eSportslogo std.pngFekyX eSportsLoss0 - 3
2019,6,05,14,30CTP Liga 2019Week 14Black Claw eSportslogo std.pngBlack Claw eSportsLanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingLoss3 - 0
2019,5,29,16,00CTP Liga 2019Week 13Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPushing GamingLanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingLoss3 - 0
2019,5,18,19,00CTP Liga 2019Week 11EMonkeyzlogo std.pngeMonkeyzLanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingLoss3 - 0
2019,5,17,17,00CTP Liga 2019Week 11Fact Revolutionlogo std.pngFact RevolutionLanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingLoss3 - 0Vod
2019,5,07,17,00CTP Liga 2019Week 10LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingTeam Gaming Paragonlogo std.pngTG ParagonLoss0 - 3Vod
2019,5,04,10,15CWL London Open 2019LR5LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingReanimated Gaminglogo std.pngReanimated GamingLoss1 - 2
2019,5,04,09,00CWL London Open 2019WR4LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingSage eSportslogo std.pngSage eSportsLoss1 - 2
2019,5,03,19,00CWL London Open 2019WR3LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingVanitylogo std.pngVanity x STAAWin2 - 1
2019,5,01,17,30CTP Liga 2019Week 9Efficiency Teamlogo std.pngEfficiency TeamLanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingLoss3 - 0
2019,4,23,19,00CTP Liga 2019Week 8FekyX eSportslogo std.pngFekyX eSportsLanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingWin1 - 3Vod
2019,4,19,18,30CTP Liga 2019Week 7LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingBlack Claw eSportslogo std.pngBlack Claw eSportsLoss1 - 3
2019,4,06,16,00CTP Liga 2019Week 5Lightning Pandaslogo std.pngLightning PandasLanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingLoss3 - 2Vod
2019,3,29,19,30CTP Liga 2019Week 4LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingPushing Gaminglogo std.pngPushing GamingLoss0 - 3Vod
2019,3,23,17,00CTP Liga 2019Week 3Final Gaminglogo std.pngFinal GamingLanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingLoss3 - 0Vod
2019,3,16,18,00CWL Fort Worth Open 2019LR8LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingInControl Gaminglogo std.pngInControl GamingLoss1 - 3
2019,3,16,16,30CWL Fort Worth Open 2019LR7Decimate Gaminglogo std.pngDecimate GamingLanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingWin0 - 2
2019,3,16,15,00CWL Fort Worth Open 2019LR6LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingLogo std.pngStatic Vision uFWin2 - 0
2019,3,16,02,00CWL Fort Worth Open 2019WR4LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingMazer Gaminglogo std.pngMazer GamingLoss0 - 2
2019,3,12,19,30CTP Liga 2019Week 2LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingFact Revolutionlogo std.pngFact RevolutionWin3 - 1Vod
2019,3,09,18,00CTP Liga 2019Week 1Black Claw eSportslogo std.pngBlack Claw eSportsLanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingWin1 - 3Vod
2019,3,06,19,30CTP Liga 2019Week 1LanZz Gaminglogo std.pngLanZz GamingEfficiency Teamlogo std.pngEfficiency TeamWin3 - 0Vod