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Libalent Vertex
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Team Information
Org LocationJapan Japan
Team LocationJapan Japan
 Asia Pacific
Frontier Gamers
CreatedOrganization: 2017-06-01
CoD Division: 2018-04-17
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Current Roster
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Libalent Vertex is a Japanese team. They are the most successful team in Japan, having won six domestic championships.


World War II

Libalent Team signed their first team under the name "Libalent Vertex" on April 17, 2018. CoroKannTok, Nicochan, Inaba, E3NCOUNT, and WENGER 9 joined to compete in the PlayStation World War II Pro League Japan 2018 throughout the season. A month later, Sitimentyo joined the active roster and WENGER 9 moved to substitute. The team went 7-3 in the league and made it into the grand final with the second seed after beating out Rush Gaming 4-3 on the head to head. In the final, they defeated DetonatioN Gaming 3-0 and claimed their first major offline title.

Black Ops 4

Going into Black Ops 4, the team made plans to compete in the full CWL season for the first time. Nicochan, E3NCOUNT, and CoroKanTok left the team and they added GenGar, xAxSy, and AliceWonderland from DetonatioN Gaming. They went to the CWL Las Vegas Open as an unknown team to the general CoD esports audience, with Rush Gaming being the known Japanese team after they competed at the CWL Anaheim Open last season. Libalent Vertex finished a respectable Top 64 in their first ever international competition. They would use this new experience to win the first Japanese National Cup for funding for the CWL Fort Worth Open. At Fort Worth, they would lose to Team Sween in Losers Round 5. This would place the team at Top 48. It would appear to be a better placing but with the 16 Pro League teams in their own bracket, it would essentially be the same placing as Vegas. Libalent Vertex would three-peat as Japanese champions by winning the next National Cup. This win granted the team funding for the CWL London Open.

In London, Libalent Vertex made their best placement yet by finishing Top 32. After losing in their first round of winners, they made a small run in losers that including beating national rivals Rush Gaming in Losers Round 3 before getting knocked out by Legion Gaming in Losers Round 4. Following the event, the team went back to Japan for the next national cup. They once again proved their domestic superiority as they won the event by beating Rush Gaming 3-1 in both the Winners Final and Grand Final. At Anaheim, the team made it to Winners Round 4 before getting knocked into losers by French team TrainHard Esport. They won in Losers Round 5 but then were eliminated from the event by HyperBoom eSports for another Top 32 finish. Libalent Vertex took the next next national cup for the Amateur Finals with a 12-2 map count and looked to break Top 32 and try to make a push towards qualifying for the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019 in their final international event of the season. Unfortunately, there would be no Cinderella ending as they were knocked out by Giants Gaming in Losers Round 4, three rounds short of qualifying. Returning to Japan for the final event of the season, Libalent took home the Japanese national championship to claim their throne as the kings of Japan.


  • 2018

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Joined
Japan Inaba Hisashi Taniguchi Player 2018-04-17
Japan Sitimentyo Takahiro Koshikawa Player 2018-05-18
Japan GenGar Aoshi Tomitsuka Player 2018-11-27
Japan xAxSy Hijiri Yamamoto Player 2018-11-27
Japan AliceWonderland Hiroaki Fukui Player 2018-11-27
Japan WENGER 9 unknown Substitute 2018-04-17


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Japan E3NCOUNT unknown Player BBV Tokyologo std.pngBBV Tokyo 2018-04-172018-04-17 2018-11-272018-11-27
Japan Nicochan unknown Player CYCLOPS athlete gaminglogo std.pngCYCLOPS athlete gaming 2018-04-172018-04-17 2018-11-272018-11-27
Japan CoroKanTok unknown Player
2018-04-172018-04-17 2018-11-272018-11-27



C ID Name Position
Japan EVA unknown Manager

Team Achievements

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon MW.png2019-09-14A11Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png Tokyo Game Show 2019 Sitimentyo •   xAxSy
GameIcon BO4.png2019-08-10A11¥ 5,000,000CWL Japan Finallogo small.png CWL Japan National Cup Finals 2019 Sitimentyo •   Inaba •   xAxSy •   AliceWonderland •   GenGar
GameIcon BO4.png2019-07-21D333 - 48CWL2018logo small.png CWL Amateur Finals 2019 Sitimentyo •   Inaba •   xAxSy •   AliceWonderland •   GenGar
GameIcon BO4.png2019-06-29A11COD JPlogo small.png CWL Japan National Cup Amateur Finals 2019 Sitimentyo •   Inaba •   xAxSy •   AliceWonderland •   GenGar
GameIcon BO4.png2019-06-16C525 - 32CWL2018logo small.png CWL Anaheim Open 2019 Sitimentyo •   Inaba •   xAxSy •   AliceWonderland •   GenGar



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