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Team has disbanded.
Lightning Pandas
Lightning Pandaslogo square.png
Team Information
Org LocationEngland England
Team LocationEngland England
OwnerMike "FearCrads" Craddock
SponsorWestern Digital
Created (1)Organization: 2014-02-??
Disbanded (1)Organization: 2014-09-??
Created (2)Organization: 2017-09-29
COD Division:2017-12-07
Disbanded (2)Organization: 2019-04-18
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Lightning Pandas is an English team.



Lightning Pandas is a team which was formed and captained by ShAnE after he left Epsilon Esports. They are well known for their particularly colourful branding, their main feature being multi-coloured tie die and the classic Lightning Pandas logo. When first formed the team saw little success until qualifying for the 2014 Call of Duty Championship through the Russian Qualifiers, where they eventually placed 17th. After qualifiers, the team parted ways leaving ShAnE looking for 3 new players. At a similar time, TYT eSports, a team formed by 4 YouTubers, which because of this had a large fanbase, had dropped Insomulus from their roster and were looking for a 4th, so the teams merged, originally creating TYT.LP, a team owned by the previous owner of TYT eSports, FearCrads, but captained by ShAnE due to his extensive experience in eSports. This team then decided that the Lightning Pandas brand was so strong that it was worth dropping the TYT name all together. This team has shown great success in the EU scene, not yet placing particularly well at an EU LAN event, but have been preforming well online, being invited both to the Gfinity Ghosts Pro League S1 and to the EGL StarSeries, placing mid-table in both, even with the strong opposition they had. From the 20th-22 June, the team preformed at their first international event, MLG Anaheim in the Open Bracket, they managed to place top 20, out placing Strictly Business, a team which many people thought may place top 4, and secure a spot in MLG Season 3. On the 6th of July the team qualified for a spot in the 4 team Gfinity LAN event, the winner of which will secure a spot in Gfinity 3.


  • 2014
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019

Player Roster[edit]


C ID Name Role Joined

Out On Loan[edit]

C ID Name Role Loaned To Duration
United States Proto Nicholas Maldonado 11Player Vast eSportslogo std.pngVast eSports Apr 2018 - Apr 2018

Temporary Subs[edit]

C ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Peru Saints Renato Forza 64SMG Slayer Canada Goonjar MLG GameBattles 2K Series NA 2017-12-17


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Wales Dqvee David Davies 11Player Alliancelogo std.pngAlliance 2018-11-302018-11-30 2019-04-182019-04-18
England Peatie Adam Peate 11Player Alliancelogo std.pngAlliance 2018-11-302018-11-30 2019-04-182019-04-18
Scotland Hawqeh Billy Harris 11Player Alliancelogo std.pngAlliance 2019-03-052019-03-05 2019-04-182019-04-18
Northern Ireland Chain Sam Dineley 11Player Alliancelogo std.pngAlliance 2019-03-052019-03-05 2019-04-182019-04-18
England Maple Jack McCartney 11Player Alliancelogo std.pngAlliance 2019-03-202019-03-20 2019-04-182019-04-18
England Nastie Byron Plumridge 26Substitute Vortex Gaminglogo std.pngVortex Gaming 2019-03-052019-03-05 2019-04-182019-04-18
England Alexx Alex Carpenter 64SMG Slayer Team Sweenlogo std.pngTeam Sween 2018-11-302018-11-30 2019-03-052019-03-05
England Joshh Joshua-Lee Sheppard 65Support Kairos Esportslogo std.pngKairos Esports 2018-11-302018-11-30 2019-03-052019-03-05
England MadCat Dylan Daly 72Main AR Unitslogo std.pngUnits 2018-11-302018-11-30 2019-03-032019-03-03
United States Theory Dylan McGee 65Support Pittsburgh Knightslogo std.pngPittsburgh Knights 2018-05-112018-05-11 2018-11-302018-11-30
Canada Xotic John Bruno 64SMG Slayer Evil Geniuseslogo std.pngEvil Geniuses 2017-12-072017-12-07 2018-11-152018-11-15
Canada Goonjar Jevon Gooljar-Lim 72Main AR Evil Geniuseslogo std.pngEvil Geniuses 2017-12-072017-12-07 2018-10-112018-10-11
Canada Royalty Mathew Faithfull 77Flex Evil Geniuseslogo std.pngEvil Geniuses 2017-12-072017-12-07 2018-10-112018-10-11
United States Proto Nicholas Maldonado 64SMG Slayer Impact Gaminglogo std.pngImpact Gaming 2017-12-072017-12-07 2018-06-132018-06-13
United States Enable Ian Wyatt 62AR Slayer Team Kaliberlogo std.pngTeam Kaliber 2018-04-142018-04-14 2018-05-072018-05-07
United States Censor Doug Martin 65Support CompLexity Gaminglogo std.pngcompLexity Gaming 2018-03-142018-03-14 2018-04-132018-04-13
England Benny Ben Perkin 61Slayer Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2014-05-112014-05-?? 2014-08-112014-08-??
Scotland QwiKeR Shea Sweeney 61Slayer Team Infusedlogo std.pngTeam Infused 2014-05-112014-05-?? 2014-08-112014-08-??
England FearCrads Mike Craddock 65Support Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2014-05-112014-05-?? 2014-08-112014-08-??
England Jake Jake Dalton 61Slayer Milleniumlogo std.pngMillenium 2014-08-112014-08-?? 2014-08-112014-08-??
England ShAnE Shane McKerral 61Slayer TCM-Gaminglogo std.pngTCM-Gaming 2014-02-112014-02-?? 2014-07-112014-07-??
Austria RaMba Sandro Spick 65Support Logo std.pngAEP 2014-02-112014-02-?? 2014-04-112014-04-??
England NeCRoMe Ben May 65Support Team Infusedlogo std.pngTeam Infused 2014-02-112014-02-?? 2014-04-112014-04-??
Switzerland Randm Marcel Koller 65Support Logo std.pngProvoke 2014-02-112014-02-?? 2014-04-112014-04-??



C ID Name Position
England FearCrads Mike Craddock 90Owner
England Nemesis Rahul Uppal COO


C ID Name Position Next Team
England Op2 Joel Mehdizadeh Coach Paris Legionlogo std.pngParis Legion
England Acid Oliver Sellors General Manager Prophecylogo std.pngProphecy

Team Achievements[edit]

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon BO4.png2019-01-20C525 - 28
CWL Pro League 2019 Qualifier
 Alexx •   Dqvee •   Joshh •   MadCat •   Peatie
GameIcon BO4.png2018-12-09A55 - 6$ 10,000
CWL Las Vegas Open 2019
 Alexx •   Dqvee •   Joshh •   MadCat •   Peatie
GameIcon WWII.png2018-08-19A99 - 12$ 25,000
Call of Duty World League Championship 2018
 Goonjar •   Royalty •   Xotic •   Theory
GameIcon WWII.png2018-07-25I1Q
Call of Duty World League Championship 2018 LCQ
 Goonjar •   Royalty •   Xotic •   Theory
GameIcon WWII.png2018-06-17B717 - 20
CWL Anaheim Open 2018
 Goonjar •   Royalty •   Xotic •   Theory





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