MLG GameBattles/2010 Season/PS3 Pro Circuit Ladder Tournament 1

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MLG GameBattles 2010 PS3 Pro Circuit Ladder Tournament #1
Tournament Information
Prize Pool$ 5,750
Number of Teams32
Location & Dates
GameModern Warfare 2
PlatformPlayStation 3
CountryNorth America North America
LocationNorth America
Start Date2010-05-10
End Date2010-06-16
WinnerInfluencelogo std.pngInfluence
SecondLogo std.pngRusH (2010 Team)
ThirdLogo std.pngvVv Nex-TT-hreat
FourthLogo std.pngDoMiNaNcE



  • Double Elimination

Prize Pool

$ 5,750 (USD) was awarded to teams as follows: [1]

Place Prize Team Roster
GoldRibbon.png 1 $ 3,000 Influencelogo std.pngInfluence PLuToBRiMCauZeDMuTaTioN
SilverRibbon.png 2 $ 1,500 Logo std.pngRusH (2010 Team) [[]]
BronzeRibbon.png 3 $ 750 Logo std.pngvVv Nex-TT-hreat RyuVengeancekRiPTyNiTeiMpuLsE
CopperRibbon.png 4 $ 500 Logo std.pngDoMiNaNcE NaDeSHoTExile
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  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  Logo std.pngDOMI L
  Logo std.pngVVV W
  Logo std.pngVVV L
  Influencelogo std.pngInfluence W
  Logo std.pngMAYH L
  Influencelogo std.pngInfluence W
  Influencelogo std.pngInfluence W
  Logo std.pngRUSH L
  Logo std.pngRUSH W
  Logo std.pngPURE L
  Logo std.pngRUSH W
  Team Obeylogo std.pngObey L
  Logo std.pngMAKE L   Influencelogo std.pngInfluence W
  Team Obeylogo std.pngObey W   Logo std.pngRUSH L
Loser's bracket
  Team Obeylogo std.pngObey L
  Logo std.pngDOMI W
  Logo std.pngDOMI W   Logo std.pngRUSH W
  IcoNslogo std.pngIcoNs L   Logo std.pngDOMI L
  Logo std.pngVVV L
  Logo std.pngRUSH W
  Logo std.pngVVV W
  HSG Xtravagantlogo std.pngIXI L
  Logo std.pngDIVE L
  Logo std.pngDIVE W

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