MLG GameBattles/Pro League Challenge/2018-05-20

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MLG GameBattles Pro League Challenge 2018-05-20
Tournament Information
OrganizerMLG GameBattles
Prize Pool$ 2,000
Location & Dates
GameWorld War II
PlatformPlayStation 4
CountryNorth America North America
LocationNorth America
Start Date2018-05-20
End Date2018-05-21
WinnerTeam Envylogo std.pngTeam Envy
SecondEnigma6 Grouplogo std.pngEnigma6 Group



Game Types and Maps[edit]

  • Hardpoint: Ardennes Forest, Gibraltar, London Docks, Saint Marie Du Mont, Valkyrie
  • Capture the Flag: Ardennes Forest, Flak Tower, London Docks,
  • Search and Destroy: Ardennes Forest, London Docks, Saint Marie Du Mont, USS Texas, Valkyrie

Prize Pool[edit]

$2,000 USD is spread among the teams as follows:[1]

Place Prize Team Roster
GoldRibbon.png 1 $ 1,500 Team Envylogo std.pngTeam Envy HukeClassicChinoDecemate
SilverRibbon.png 2 $ 500 Enigma6 Grouplogo std.pngEnigma6 Group GeneralSenderDiabolicaBeZy
SFRibbon.png 3-4 Red Reservelogo std.pngRed Reserve JoeeRatedZer0Skrapz
Team WaRlogo std.pngTeam WaR RobbieB3319EnvoyAturaCells
QF.png 5-8 Ghost Gaminglogo std.pngGhost Gaming LacefieldGodRxPandurParasite
Logo std.pngAll White G LegalTwiZzSupremeAgilityTcM
Logo std.pngTeam Yuurrr DraMaHitmanJohnnyApox
Logo std.pngOnline Warlords DemisePhantomzTischGRVTY
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Show RostersHide Rosters
Europe 1st Pro League
Red Reservelogo square.png




North America 2nd Pro League
Team Kaliberlogo square.png




North America 3rd Pro League
Echo Foxlogo square.png




North America 4th Pro League
Team Envylogo square.png




North America 5th Pro League
Evil Geniuseslogo square.png




Europe 6th Pro League
Splycelogo square.png




North America 1st 2K Pro Points
Ghost Gaminglogo square.png




North America 2nd 2K Pro Points
Team WaRlogo square.png




North America 3rd 2K Pro Points
Enigma6 Grouplogo square.png




North America 4th 2K Pro Points
Logo square.png




North America 5th 2K Pro Points
Logo square.png




North America 6th 2K Pro Points
Logo square.png




North America 7th 2K Pro Points
Logo square.png






Round 2
Round 3
Round 4


  1. Prizes