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MLG Orlando Open 2016/Full Results

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Place Prize (USD) CWL Pro Points Team Roster
011st 1st $40,000 2,500 OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic Gaming Scump • Crimsix • FormaL • Karma
022nd 2nd $24,000 1,500 Team Envylogo std.pngTeam Envy JKap • SlasheR • John • Apathy
033rd 3rd $16,000 1,100 Elevatelogo std.pngElevate AquA • Faccento • Nagafen • FeLonY
044th 4th $8,000 900 FaZe Clanlogo std.pngFaZe Clan Clayster • Enable • ZooMaa • Attach
5th-6th $4,000 800 Luminosity Gaminglogo std.pngLuminosity Gaming Saints • StuDyy • SpaceLy • NAMELESS
Rise Nationlogo std.pngRise Nation Loony • Slacked • Classic • Octane
7th-8th $2,000 700 Cloud9logo std.pngCloud9 Assault • Havok • SiLLY • Swarley
CompLexity Gaminglogo std.pngcompLexity Gaming Ricky • ACHES • Accuracy • Lacefield
9th-12th - 550 Apotheon Esportslogo std.pngApotheon Esports Matt • Destiny • Arcitys • Prestinni
Team Infusedlogo std.pngTeam Infused MarkyB • Peatie • Urban • Zer0
Team Kaliberlogo std.pngTeam Kaliber Theory • ColeChan • Happy • Goonjar
Logo std.pngGround Zero Chino • KiLLa • Sender • Diabolic
13th-16th - 450 SetToDestroyXlogo std.pngSetToDestroyX InFamous • Believe • Nova • HumanJesus
Team Allegiancelogo std.pngTeam Allegiance Mochila • Royalty • Remy • Xotic
Pnda Gaminglogo std.pngPnda Gaming Nelson • Priest • FA5TBALLA • TuQuick
BitterSweetlogo std.pngBitterSweet Buck • Copier • Quality • Hippi
17th-20th - 300 Kingsmenlogo std.pngKingsmen Parasite • MiRx • Maux • Llama
EUnitedlogo std.pngeUnited Pacman • Whea7s • Ivy • Burns
H2k-Gaminglogo std.pngH2k-Gaming FEARS • LegaL • PHiZZURP • Dedo
Most Wanted Outlawslogo std.pngMost Wanted Outlaws Hate • Spoof • Beehzy • JuJu
21st-24th - 275 Most Wantedlogo std.pngMost Wanted Methodz • Blfire • Examples • Censor
Lethal Gaminglogo std.pngLethal Gaming Johnny • Miyagi • TcM • TwiZz
VexX Gaminglogo std.pngVexX Gaming Prophet • Demented • MoTi • Nihill
Logo std.png1N InControl Foncho • Silpy • Mikey • Tisch
25th-28th - 225 Logo std.pngFerocityGaming
Logo std.pngIn2ition Mosh • Pemby • Gunless • ProFeeZy
Illicit Gaminglogo std.pngillicit Gaming
Sour Gaminglogo std.pngSour Gaming
29th-36th - 175 Gut Tough Gaminglogo std.pngGut Tough Gaming
Logo std.pngRampageCOD
FlawlessGGlogo std.pngFlawlessGG Strife • REPPIN • Hollow • CaLiFa
Wise Gaminglogo std.pngWise Gaming
Logo std.pngPlease Change
AfterDark eSportslogo std.pngAfterDark eSports
Logo std.pngNeverstop Gaming
MRKN Clanlogo std.pngMRKN Clan Flameburg • Esco
37th-44th - 150 FURY Gaminglogo std.pngFURY Gaming
Logo std.png99mg
Echo Foxlogo std.pngEcho Fox Neslo • ProoFy • SinfuL • Cyborg
Logo std.pngInterstellarGG
Logo std.png1Chance eSports
Logo std.png RiFt
Logo std.pngNaturalTalent
Logo std.pngAmbient eSports
45th-60th - 100 Logo std.pngVaiN eSport
Logo std.pngOmega Gaming
Logo std.pngGuns Out Buns Ice • 3rdEyeJoJo • DevInvert • Canalien
No Luck Gaminglogo std.pngNo Luck Gaming
Logo std.pngGutToughEsports
Logo std.pngCutting Edge Esports
Logo std.pngGlobal Sanction
Logo std.pngFURY (North American Team)
Logo std.pngNew Hope Cynical
Logo std.pngShockwave
Were UnForgivenlogo std.pngWere UnForgiven
EZG eSportslogo std.pngEZG eSports
Sway Gaminglogo std.pngSway Gaming
WarZonelogo std.pngWarZone
Logo std.pngHarambe
61st-76th - - BOT Empirelogo std.pngBOT Empire
Reborn Knightslogo std.pngReborn Knights Buckshot • Tokes • Remo • ScruFFuR
Dallas Empirelogo std.pngDallas Empire
Logo std.pngwarFareHQ South
Logo std.pngMoral Alliance
Projekt Evillogo std.pngProjekt Evil
Logo std.pngHomicidal Gaming
Logo std.pngCharm Uproar
Logo std.pngUnlimited Gaming
Logo std.pngAspire Gaming
Logo std.pngsovindictive
Logo std.png Carnage
Underdog Esportslogo std.pngUnderdog Esports
Logo std.pngRelativity eSports
Logo std.pngMint Clan
Logo std.pngeDaters
77th-104th - - Logo std.pngMajestic Unicorns
Logo std.pngOutlaws Gaming
Logo std.pngSlain eSports
Logo std.pngTeam Hyraid
Logo std.pngBlacklisted
Logo std.pngTGcustom
Logo std.pngPrimeTime
Logo std.pngQntum eSports
Logo std.png Fierce Gaming
Lethal Gaming Femalelogo std.pngLethal Gaming Female Lexy • Shewter • Wartana • Curly
Logo std.pngShots Fired Gaming
Logo std.pngImpact Esports
Logo std.pngTyranny Gaming
Logo std.pngULM eSports
Logo std.pngRizeGaming
Kingdom eSportslogo std.pngKingdom eSports1 Yohan • Clutchery • Recover • Shadow
Savage Gaminglogo std.pngSavage Gaming
Logo std.pngFatal SoFlo
Logo std.pngXiled Ladies
Logo std.pngX10 Gaming
Logo std.png1310 Gaming
Logo std.pngS2S Gaming
Logo std.pngBody bags
Logo std.pngGamerz in Arms
Cosmic Gaminglogo std.pngCosmic Gaming
Logo std.pngNiTrocity
Logo std.pnginer7ia
Logo std.pngVatic Gaming
1 Kingdom eSports is disqualified. [1]


  1. Kingdom eSports Twitlonger - twitlonger.com