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MWEB GameZone Masters Series Qualifier #1

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MWEB GameZone Masters Series Qualifier #1
MWEB GameZone Masters Series Qualifier 1.jpg
Tournament Information
OrganizerMWEB GameZone
Prize PoolR 10,000
Location & Dates
GameAdvanced Warfare
PlatformXbox One
South Africa
LocationSouth Africa
WinnerAstra Infinitelogo std.pngAstra Infinite
SecondGW Ventuslogo std.pngVentus Xero
ThirdEnergy Esportslogo std.pngEnergy Esports

MWEB GameZone Masters Series Qualifier 1 was the first online qualifier for the MWEB GameZone Masters Series Grand Final 2015. The event was held on June 21st, 2015.


Game Modes[edit]

The Best of 5 series will consist of two Hardpoints, two Search & Destroys and an Uplink.

Map Hardpoint Search and Destroy Uplink
Bio Lab GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png
Comeback GreenCheck.png
Detroit GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png
Recovery GreenCheck.png
Retreat GreenCheck.png
Riot GreenCheck.png
Solar GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png

Prize Pool[edit]

R 10,000.00 (Approximately $ 822 USD) will be spread among the teams. [1] Lua error in Module:ArgsUtil at line 201: Missing parameter forcenewplace - maybe wrong child template?. = 0.08220000000 |1^^^^^^^^^^^^5,000^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Astra Infinite^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Cerberus;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::Inferno;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::Lithium;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::Ozone;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::Vadex;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::Viper (Hameed Moosa);;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::^^^ |2^^^^^^^^^^^^3,000^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ventus Xero^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Cypher (Spyro Orfanos);;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::Gerri;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::Irish;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::Phenom (ZA Player);;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::Robz (Rob Levkov);;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::Zak;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::^^^ |3^^^^^^^^^^^^2,000^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^eN F34R^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^DR3W;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::Frost;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::Hazard (South African Player);;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::JaKeZ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::^^^}}

Converted prizes calculated on June 21st, 2015 with a currency rate of 1 {{Abbr|ZA

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