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Millenium Hope/Tournament Results

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Millenium Hope Tournament Results
GameIcon BO3.png2016-07-10A33SFCOlogo small.png SFCO AM League Season 2: LAN #1 Carbon •   Insight •   Seany •   Defrag
GameIcon BO3.png2016-05-29A33€ 500SFCOlogo small.png SFCO BOIII 3 Carbon •   ZeeK •   Insight •   Seany
GameIcon BO3.png2016-03-27A11€ 1,500GAlogo small.png Gamers Assembly 2016 Carbon •   ZeeK •   Insight •   Seany
GameIcon BO3.png2016-02-21A22€ 1,500SFCOlogo small.png SFCO BOIII 2 Carbon •   ZeeK •   Insight •   Seany
GameIcon BO3.png2015-12-20A33€ 750SFCOlogo small.png SFCO BOIII 1 Carbon •   ZeeK •   Eazy •   WizR
GameIcon AW.png2015-10-25A99 - 12EGLlogo small.png EGL 14 Blackpool Carbon •   ZeeK •   PasTeeK •   KammyZ
GameIcon AW.png2015-10-04A11€ 757SFCOlogo small.png SFCO AW 5 Carbon •   ZeeK •   PasTeeK •   KammyZ
Total Prize: EUR 5,007