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Player has retired.
Mochila CODChamps 2018.png
Background Information
NameSteve Canle
Country of Birth
United States
BirthdayMarch 29, 1994 (age 26)
North America
TeamTriumphlogo std.pngTriumph
PSN IDMochilaSteve
XBL GamertagOpTic Moch
Social Media & Links
Infobox Snapchatlogo std.png
Infobox Twitchlogo std.png
Infobox Twitterlogo std.png
Infobox GameBattleslogo std.png
Team History
??? ???? - ??? 2011Forcelogo std.pngForce
??? 2011 - ??? ????Logo std.pngNotorious
Jan 2014 - Jan 2014EGirl Slayerslogo std.pngeGirl Slayers
Jan 2014 - Apr 2014Team Curselogo std.pngCurse NY
??? 2014 - Jun 2014Curse Blacklogo std.pngCurse Black
Jun 2014 - Nov 2014Curse NAlogo std.pngCurse
Nov 2014 - Feb 2015Team JusTuslogo std.pngTeam JusTus
Feb 2015 - Apr 2015Prophecylogo std.pngProphecy
Apr 2015 - May 2015Automatic Reloadlogo std.pngAutomatic Reload
May 2015 - Aug 2015OpTic Nationlogo std.pngOpTic Nation
Sep 2015 - Oct 2015Thrust Nationlogo std.pngThrust Nation
Dec 2015 - Jan 2016Cloud9logo std.pngCloud9
Feb 2016 - Feb 2016Velocity eSportslogo std.pngVelocity eSports
Feb 2016 - May 2016Cloud9logo std.pngCloud9
Jun 2016 - Jun 2016Team Lethallogo std.pngTeam Lethal
Jul 2016 - Apr 2017Team Allegiancelogo std.pngTeam Allegiance
Jul 2017 - Aug 20173sUPlogo std.png3sUP
Nov 2017 - Nov 2017Next Threatlogo std.pngNext Threat
Nov 2017 - Dec 2017Elgato SoaRlogo std.pngSoaR Gaming
Jan 2018 - Jan 2018ERa Eternitylogo std.pngeRa Eternity
Jan 2018 - Feb 2018Next Threatlogo std.pngNext Threat
Feb 2018 - Mar 2018Most Wantedlogo std.pngMost Wanted
Mar 2018 - Apr 2018Cyclonelogo std.pngCyclone
Apr 2018 - May 2018Lethal Gaminglogo std.pngLethal Gaming
Jun 2018 - Jul 2018Elevatelogo std.pngElevate
Jul 2018 - Aug 2018WrangleR Gaminglogo std.pngWrangleR Gaming
Aug 2018 - Aug 2018
Lightning Pandaslogo std.pngLightning Pandas
Dec 2018 - Dec 2018Regal Reservelogo std.pngRegal Reserve
Mar 2019 - Apr 2019EWorld In Progresslogo std.pngeWorld In Progress
Jun 2019 - Jun 2019Rebirth x Ishonilogo std.pngRebirth x Ishoni
Jul 2019 - Jul 2019Forfeit Gaminglogo std.pngForfeit Gaming
Jan 2020 - Jan 2020Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel Esports
Apr 2020 - Present
Triumphlogo std.pngTriumph

Steve "Mochila" Canle is a retired Call of Duty esports player, currently a coach for Triumph. He is known for his time on OpTic Nation and Team Allegiance.


Black Ops[edit]

Mochila first began competing at events during the Black Ops season. The first event he competed at was MLG Raleigh 2011, with Force alongside Huhdle, Dos, and Domo. They were placed into Group D with Team EnVyUs, Quantic Nex-TT-hreat, JuKeD, and Brain Dead. In their first two matches they were 3-0'd by Team EnVyUs and Quantic Nex-TT-hreat, after that they lost a close series against JuKeD 3-2 their final match of groups they were able to 3-0 Brain Dead to first third in their group winning on map count after a three way tie between Force, JuKeD, and Brain Dead who were all 1-3. Placed into the losers bracket they first faced off against unknown team First Class who they easily beat 3-0. They matched up against Team Obey next who they also 3-0'd, they then played IcoNs Blue who they were able to beat 3-2. They would next play against apeX.Collapse who they would fall to 3-0 placing 5th. The final event of the Black Ops season for Mochila and his final event until Call of Duty Ghosts was the MLG National Championship 2011. They represented Notorious during this event, the roster consisted of Mochila, Slacked, Rybad, and Proshot. They faced off against Redemption in the winners bracket who they would defeat 3-0. They would next play against Force who they would lose to 3-2 in a close match. In the losers bracket they would defeat Limitless11 and Brain Dead 3-0. They would then have a rematch against Force in which they would win and advance to play Team EnVyUs who they would lose to 3-1 placing 7th.


Mochila would attend UMG Philadelphia 2014 under the eGirl Slayers banner alongside Revan, Burns, and NexXx it would be his first tournament in about 2 years. In the first two rounds of the winners bracket they defeated Team Kaliber and Team JusTus both 3-1. They would face off against Curse LV next in which they would lose 3-0 and drop down into the losers bracket where they would rematch against Team Kaliber. However, this time Team Kaliber would get the better of them defeating them 3-1, and eliminating them from the tournament where they placed 5th. The next event for Mochila would be the Call of Duty Winter Invitational, this time under Curse NY with Revan, Burns, and Blfire. They would finish 6-8 placing 6th and not qualifying for the playoffs. After failing to qualify for the Call of Duty Championship 2014, Mochila would compete at UGC Niagara 2014 this time under Curse Black with Burns, Enable, and Tipsy. They would start in the winners bracket against Team EnVyUs where they would lose a close contest 3-2. In the losers bracket they would first start against Team JusTus would they would beat. In the next round they would end up facing OpTic Gaming, they would fall and end up placing top 12. Mochila and the rest of Curse Black would next compete at MLG Anaheim 2014. In the winners bracket they would play against Denial Esports where they would lose 3-2 and fall to the losers bracket. After a first round bye in the losers bracket they would face FaZe Red where they would just sneak by 3-2 to play the European squad of Epsilon eSports who they would dispatch 3-1 to advance to play Team EnVyUs. Once again they would sneak by defeating Team EnVyUs 3-2 to advance to the losers bracket semifinals. They would next face off against another European team in TCM Gaming, this time the Europeans would defeat Curse Black 3-0 eliminating them, and giving them a 4th place finish. The next tournament Mochila would attend was AEL Dallas 2014 this time under the Curse NA name, but still with the same roster of Mochila, Burns, Enable, and Tipsy. They had a bye in the first round of the winners bracket. They would 3-0 Final Threat and Stunner Selfie Squad in the second and third rounds of the winners bracket. They next would face FaZe Clan in the winners bracket semifinals. In their first losers bracket match they would defeat Annex 3-2. They next would face off against eXcellence Gaming where they would 3-0 them. In the losers bracket final they would rematch against FaZe Clan, this time however Curse NA would get the better of FaZe Clan 3-2 to advance to the grand finals against Team Kaliber. In the grand finals they would fall to Team Kaliber 3-0 placing 2nd in the tournament. They next compete at UMG Dallas 2014. In their first matchup of the winners bracket they played against Noble VanQuish where they would lose 3-0 and fall to the losers bracket. In the losers bracket they were able to comfortably defeat Team Revenge and FaZe Clan 3-0. Next they would face off against OpTic Nation where they lost 3-0 and placed top 8. Next Mochila would compete in the MLG CoD League Season 3. They would got 20-24 placing 10th and did not qualify for the playoffs. The finally event of the Ghosts season was UMG Nashville 2014, it would this Curse NA roster's last event together. They would be placed into Group A with Most Wanted, eXcellence Gaming, and OpTic Nation where they would got 2-1 and place 2nd in the group failing to reach the winners bracket. They would face Aware Gaming in their first losers bracket match where they would win 3-1 and advance to play Team EnVyUs. Curse NA would fall to Team EnVyUs 3-2, placing top 8.

Advanced Warfare[edit]

At the beginning of Advanced Warfare Mochila joined Team JusTus alongside Enable, Classic, and Slacked. The first event they would attend was the MLG Columbus Open 2014, they were placed into Group B with OpTic Nation, Automatic Reload, Rise Nation, and Orbit.NA. They would go 4-0 in groups and only lost 2 maps in groups. They would face OpTic Gaming in their first winners bracket match, they would lose 3-2 in a close series. In the losers bracket they would face Dream Team who they would beat 3-1 to advance to face Denial Esports. They would get 3-0'd by Denial Esports and place top 8. The final event that this Team JusTus roster would attend was UMG Orlando 2015. They were placed into Group D with Prophecy NA, Elevate, OpTic Gaming, and EcHo Gaming where they would go 2-2 and advance to the winners bracket on map count. They would first face Stunner Gaming where they would be upset 3-2 and fall to the losers bracket. In the losers bracket they would defeat OpTic Nation and Team Kaliber 3-1 before advancing to play SYNRGY Gaming who they would 3-0 to advance. They would next face Denial Esports who they would lose to 3-1 to place 4th. For the Call of Duty Championship 2015 Classic and Mochila would leave Team JusTus to join Prophecy NA alongside Ricky and MBoZe. They would be placed into Group B with Denial Esports and European teams HyperGames and Klar1ty Gaming. They would come out of their group first place after going 3-0 and only losing maps to Denial Esports. They would face Orbit.NA in the first round of the winners bracket, where they won 3-1. In their next winners bracket match they 3-0'd Strictly Business, in the winners bracket semifinals they would take on Team Revenge where they would fall 3-1 and drop into the losers bracket. They would face the Australian team of Mindfreak in the losers bracket quarterfinals, where Prophecy NA would defeat them 3-0. In their next series they would face FaZe Red, they would fall 3-0 and place 4th. After CoD Champs Mochila was traded to Automatic Reload for Happy, where he would compete alongside Burns, Anticity, and SpaceLy. The only event that Mochila would play for Automatic Reload was UMG California 2015. They were in Group A with OpTic Gaming, VexX Gaming, Rise Nation, and XGN Competitive. They would go 2-2 and place 3rd in the group and fall to the losers bracket. They would play iSolation eSports in the losers bracket, they would lose 3-2 and place top 16. Mochila would then join OpTic Nation alongside MBoZe, Ricky, and MiRx. They would be relegated from the MLG Pro League in Season 3 but qualify for the next season in the relegation tournament. The next event they competed at would be UMG Dallas 2015, their group consisted of Elevate, Epsilon eSports.NA, TCM Gaming, and Rampage Black. They would place 3rd in their group at 2-2 and fall to losers. In the losers bracket they would fall 3-1 to vVv Gaming to place top 16. They would next compete at the Gfinity Summer Championship, in Group D they would defeat the Spanish team of Spirit Gaming 3-0 and defeated the mixed European and American squad of TCM Gaming 3-2 to get out of groups. In the knockout stage they would matchup against Epsilon eSports.EU where they would win 3-2 in the semifinals they would play their sister team OpTic Gaming, they would be 3-0'd. In the third place match they played against Team Infused, they would win 3-1 to place 3rd. Mochila would win the EGL Dallas 10K with Havok, LlamaGod, and SiLLY under iSolation eSports. Back again with OpTic Nation they would compete at UMG Washington DC 2015, they were in a group with Elevate, Orbit eSport, XGN Competitive, and Lethal Gaming. They would place last in their group after going 1-3 and fall to the losers bracket. In the losers bracket they would get 3-0'd by Dream Team and place top 24. After a 4th place finish in the MLG Pro League Season 3 Regular Season, they would qualify for the playoffs. In the winners bracket they would first play iSolation eSports where they would be defeated 4-3 and fall to the losers bracket. In the losers bracket they were able to defeat TCM Gaming 4-2 before falling to Denial Esports 4-0 and placing top 8. After that Mochila joined YouTuber owned organization Thrust Nation alongside FEARS and breakout players Royalty and Lacefield. The only event they would attend as a team was the MLG World Finals 2015. They would qualify for Group A through the open bracket, their group consisted of OpTic Gaming, Team Infused, Team Kaliber, and XGN Competitive. They would come in last in their group going 0-4. In their first losers bracket match they were able to defeat NewBreed 3-1. They would then fall to Vitality.Storm 3-2 and place top 20. Thrust Nation would then disband.

Black Ops III[edit]

Mochila would join Cloud9 alongside Havok, LlamaGod, and Happy. They would qualify for Stage 2 of the CWL through the relegation tournament. He would compete at the MLG Anaheim Open 2016 for Team Lethal with Miyagi, Examples, and Johnny. They would qualify through the open bracket and were placed into Group A with OpTic Gaming, Cloud9, and Team SoloMid. They would get third inn the group after going 1-2. They would face Kingsmen in the losers bracket and would be victorious 3-2 and advanced to face Team EnVyUs who they would lose to 3-0, placing top 12. He then competed with Cloud9 once again in the 2016 NA CWL Stage 2 Regular Season. They would 13-9 and qualified for the playoffs, but Mochila would not compete in the playoffs. He would then join Team Allegiance with Royalty, Remy, and Xotic. Their first event as a team would be the MLG Orlando Open 2016, they would qualify for the championship losers bracket through the open bracket. In the losers bracket they were able to defeat EUnited 3-1 and advance to play compLexity Gaming. They would fall 3-1 to compLexity Gaming to place top 16. They would be able to qualify for the 2016 Call of Duty World League Championship. They were placed into Group B with Epsilon eSports, PuLse Gaming, and Renegades. They would go 3-0 only losing maps to Renegades and would advance to the winners bracket. They would play Luminosity Gaming in the winners bracket, they would fall just short losing 3-2 and falling to losers. They then would play the European team of Millenium using MiRx as a fill in, they would still fall 3-0 and place top 16.

Infinite Warfare[edit]

Mochila would stay on Team Allegiance but they had a roster change going into Infinite Warfare as SinfuL would replace Xotic. The first event that they competed at was the 2017 CWL Las Vegas Open, they placed into Group D with Luminosity Gaming, Evil Geniuses, and compLexity Gaming. They would place 2nd in the group going 2-1 to advance to the winners bracket. They would first play Enigma6 Group who shocked everyone by going 9-0 in groups, they would be able to defeat Enigma6 Group 3-0 to advance to play Cloud9. Against Cloud9 they would go to game 5 but eventually lose the series 3-2 to go to the losers bracket. They would now go against Luminosity Gaming who they were able to beat in groups 3-2, and it would stay true as they defeated Luminosity Gaming 3-2 once again. They now took on FaZe Clan in the losers bracket semifinals, they would lose 3-1 and finish 4th, Mochila's highest finish since Advanced Warfare. The next tournament was the 2017 CWL Atlanta Open, they were placed into one of the toughest groups in the tournament in Group B which included OpTic Gaming, Splyce, Evil Geniuses, and Pnda Gaming. They would not perform well in groups going 0-4 and people began to question how hard to synaptic and osa ban hit them. In the losers bracket they first played against the European team Epsilon eSports in which they were able to win 3-2 to advance to play the Australian team of Mindfreak. They were able to easily dispatch the Australians 3-1 to advance to play Elevate. This time however, they could not win as they lost 3-1 to place top 16. But the bad form would continue as just a week later they would place top 24 at the 2017 CWL Paris Open after losing to Epsilon eSports and SetToDestroyX in the winners and losers open brackets. With the roster lock looming at the 2017 CWL Dallas Open many fans were waiting for Rostermania to happen in North America, with Team Allegiance as a prime suspect for a change. But this did not happen, and with one chance left to qualify for the Global Pro League they would need a great performance. However, this did not happen, in fact the opposite happened. They would place top 40 the worst finish of Mochila's career. They would lose to the Brazilian team of Merciless Gaming NA and Rogue. After not qualifying for the Global Pro League Mochila, Royalty, and Remy were dropped. After Mochila played a few 2K's with Team Kaliber it seemed like he was set to join the squad but now it seems like that will not happen.


  • A close friend in real life showed him gamebattles and he thought it was fun.
  • His favorite moment in his career is 1v2ing Force at nationals 5-5, map 11, for top 8 with 5 seconds left; he jumped out into the middle of the map and destroyed both of the opposing members left on their team.
  • Mochila coached Lightning Pandas for the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship.


Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon MW.png2020-01-26B717 - 24 Call of Duty Challengers Launch Weekend Open 2020Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRBL
GameIcon MW.png2019-11-10A22$ 2,000 Ishoni Esports Dallas OpenAspire eSportslogo std.pngASP
GameIcon BO2.png2019-09-29A44 Team Summertime Movember Invitational 2019EGirl Slayerslogo std.pngEGS
GameIcon BO4.png2019-08-10A11 Texas Gaming Empire LAN August 2019Chaotic Esportslogo std.pngCHAO
GameIcon BO4.png2019-07-21B717 - 24 CWL Amateur Finals 2019Forfeit Gaminglogo std.png4F


  • 2014
  • 2015

Post-Match Interviews

2016-04-01NA CWL Pro Division 2016 Stage 1 Relegation
CLGCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.png
Cloud9logo std.pngC9



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