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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:MatchList/i18n/doc

return {
	["en"] = {
		["CET"] = 'CET',
		["CET_title"] = 'Show times/dates in CET',
		["Countdown"] = 'CD',
		["Countdown_title"] = 'Show countdown to series start',
		["KST"] = 'KST',
		["KST_title"] = 'Show times/dates in KST',
		["PST"] = 'PST',
		["PST_title"] = 'Show times/dates in PST',
		["You"] = 'You',
		["You_title"] = 'Show times/dates in local system time',
		["helptext"] = "Toggle between Results & Schedule to prefer showing match results when available or always show start time. Toggle between CD (countdown), your local time zone, or PST/CET/KST to change time zone display of dates & times.",
		["launch_predictions"] = 'Launch Predictions',
		["results"] = 'Schedule',
		["results_init"] = 'Results',