NGL Masters Division 2020 Stage 1

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Regular Season
NGL Masters Division 2020 Stage 1
NGL Masters Division.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerNational Gaming League
Sponsor(s)Red Computer
Location & Dates
GameModern Warfare
PlatformPlayStation 4
Start Date2020-01-08
End Date2020-03-04
ScheduleSpoiler-Free Schedule
Calendar Export
WinnerTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngParagon FTW
SecondPushing Gaminglogo std.pngPushing Gaming
ThirdRavens Esports Clublogo std.pngRavens Esports
FourthKawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKawaii Kiwis



Game Types and Maps[edit]

  • Domination: Gun Runner, Hackney Yard, Rammaza, St. Petrograd
  • Hardpoint: Arklov Peak, Azhir Cave, Gun Runner, Hackney Yard, Rammaza, St. Petrograd
  • Search & Destroy: Arklov Peak, Azhir Cave, Gun Runner, Hackney Yard, Piccadilly, Rammaza, St. Petrograd

Final Placings[edit]

PlacementIcon1.png 1Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngParagon FTWSXNNYVoltrixKidzZRufiaVisions
PlacementIcon2.png 2Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPushing GamingReeaLEriKBooMVikulRenKoRMethodZ
PlacementIcon3.png 3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngRavens EsportsDrumpzFussionTorressPepitasSuperpollo
4Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKawaii KiwisAetherAlfoonGlaaixZappyAntidhoZ
5XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngXLYNX EsportsCrisTDrunKzGeleSorwareStirpeeh
6Eternallogo std.pngEternalASAGagonsYRoGGeRPepoMaxedZ
7Unit3klogo std.pngUnit3kGamerVMRadiaNtXemzedXpiryxRoToo
8Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVeteranos eSportsCRZYLunaaRSK7TokyoYaanKeH
9Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKillabeez EsportsGenueLupizVidalSoweDuKeS

Broadcast Talent[edit]

The full talent lineup for the event is as follows:


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Click "Show" to see roster changes.
Logo std.png 2019-12-20: Querella (Qualifier #2 winner) withdraws from league.[1]
Unit3klogo std.png 2019-12-27: Signs roster of 5 Bastardos (Qualifier #1 winner).[2]
XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png 2020-02-02: Organization ceases operations.[3]


Season Standings
1Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTeam Paragon FTW7 - 188%21 - 775%6W
2Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPushing Gaming7 - 188%21 - 581%1L
3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngRavens Esports Club5 - 363%19 - 1066%1W
4Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKawaii Kiwis5 - 363%18 - 1260%3W
5XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngXLYNX Esports Club4 - 450%14 - 1745%1L
6Eternallogo std.pngEternal3 - 538%13 - 1941%1L
7Unit3klogo std.pngUnit3k3 - 538%14 - 2041%1W
8Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVeteranos eSports1 - 713%5 - 2318%7L
9Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKillabeez Esports1 - 713%10 - 2231%3L


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Week 1
Wed 8 Jan - Thu 9 JanWed 8 Jan - Thu 9 JanThu 9 Jan - Fri 10 Jan2020,1,08,16,00 - 2020,1,09,17,15
Wed 2020-01-08
Wed 2020-01-08
Thu 2020-01-09
ETREternallogo std.png13XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX
UT3Unit3klogo std.png32Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC
Thu 2020-01-09
Thu 2020-01-09
Fri 2020-01-10
KWKKawaii Kiwislogo std.png13Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH
KBZKillabeez Esportslogo std.png23Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN
Week 2
Wed 15 Jan - Thu 16 JanWed 15 Jan - Thu 16 JanThu 16 Jan - Fri 17 Jan2020,1,15,16,00 - 2020,1,16,17,15
Wed 2020-01-15
Wed 2020-01-15
Thu 2020-01-16
PSHPushing Gaminglogo std.png30Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ
TPFTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.png31Eternallogo std.pngETR
Thu 2020-01-16
Thu 2020-01-16
Fri 2020-01-17
LNXXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png32Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC
UT3Unit3klogo std.png31Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN
Week 3
Wed 22 Jan - Fri 24 JanWed 22 Jan - Fri 24 JanThu 23 Jan - Sat 25 Jan2020,1,22,16,00 - 2020,1,24,17,15
Wed 2020-01-22
Wed 2020-01-22
Thu 2020-01-23
LNXXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png31Unit3klogo std.pngUT3
Thu 2020-01-23
Thu 2020-01-23
Fri 2020-01-24
VTNVeteranos eSportslogo std.png03Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH
RECRavens Esports Clublogo std.png30Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF
Fri 2020-01-24
Fri 2020-01-24
Sat 2020-01-25
ETREternallogo std.png13Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK
Week 4
Wed 29 Jan - Thu 30 JanWed 29 Jan - Thu 30 JanThu 30 Jan - Fri 31 Jan2020,1,29,16,00 - 2020,1,30,17,15
Wed 2020-01-29
Wed 2020-01-29
Thu 2020-01-30
PSHPushing Gaminglogo std.png30Unit3klogo std.pngUT3
TPFTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.png30XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX
Thu 2020-01-30
Thu 2020-01-30
Fri 2020-01-31
KWKKawaii Kiwislogo std.png13Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC
KBZKillabeez Esportslogo std.png23Eternallogo std.pngETR
Week 5
Wed 5 Feb - Thu 6 FebWed 5 Feb - Thu 6 FebThu 6 Feb - Fri 7 Feb2020,2,05,16,00 - 2020,2,06,17,15
Wed 2020-02-05
Wed 2020-02-05
Thu 2020-02-06
ETREternallogo std.png30Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN
UT3Unit3klogo std.png13Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF
Thu 2020-02-06
Thu 2020-02-06
Fri 2020-02-07
RECRavens Esports Clublogo std.png30Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ
LNXXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png13Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK
Week 6
Thu 13 FebThu 13 FebFri 14 Feb2020,2,13,16,00 - 2020,2,13,17,15
Thu 2020-02-13
Thu 2020-02-13
Fri 2020-02-14
KBZKillabeez Esportslogo std.png31XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX
KWKKawaii Kiwislogo std.png13Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF
Week 7
Mon 17 Feb - Thu 20 FebMon 17 Feb - Thu 20 FebTue 18 Feb - Fri 21 Feb2020,2,17,16,00 - 2020,2,20,17,15
Mon 2020-02-17
Mon 2020-02-17
Tue 2020-02-18
VTNVeteranos eSportslogo std.png03Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC
PSHPushing Gaminglogo std.png31Eternallogo std.pngETR
Wed 2020-02-19
Wed 2020-02-19
Thu 2020-02-20
UT3Unit3klogo std.png13Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK
TPFTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.png31Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ
Thu 2020-02-20
Thu 2020-02-20
Fri 2020-02-21
LNXXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png31Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN
RECRavens Esports Clublogo std.png03Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH
Week 8
Wed 26 Feb - Thu 27 FebWed 26 Feb - Thu 27 FebThu 27 Feb - Fri 28 Feb2020,2,26,16,00 - 2020,2,27,17,15
Wed 2020-02-26
Wed 2020-02-26
Thu 2020-02-27
KBZKillabeez Esportslogo std.png03Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK
VTNVeteranos eSportslogo std.png03Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF
Thu 2020-02-27
Thu 2020-02-27
Fri 2020-02-28
ETREternallogo std.png32Unit3klogo std.pngUT3
PSHPushing Gaminglogo std.png30XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX
Week 9
Mon 2 Mar - Wed 4 MarMon 2 Mar - Wed 4 MarTue 3 Mar - Thu 5 Mar2020,3,02,16,00 - 2020,3,04,17,15
Mon 2020-03-02
Mon 2020-03-02
Tue 2020-03-03
KWKKawaii Kiwislogo std.png30Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN
UT3Unit3klogo std.png32Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ
Wed 2020-03-04
Wed 2020-03-04
Thu 2020-03-05
RECRavens Esports Clublogo std.png30Eternallogo std.pngETR
TPFTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.png30Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH


Week 1
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png1-01-0
1Unit3klogo std.png1-01-0
1Veteranos eSportslogo std.png1-01-0
1XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png1-01-0
5Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png0-00-0
6Eternallogo std.png0-10-1
6Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png0-10-1
6Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-10-1
6Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png0-10-1
Week 2
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png1-02-0
1Unit3klogo std.png1-02-0
1XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png1-02-0
41Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-01-0
54Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-11-1
6Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png0-00-1
71Eternallogo std.png0-10-2
71Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-10-2
71Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png0-10-2
Week 3
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png1-03-0
1XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png1-03-0
32Unit3klogo std.png0-12-1
42Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png1-01-1
4Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png0-11-1
61Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png1-01-2
61Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-11-2
81Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-00-2
92Eternallogo std.png0-10-3
Week 4
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png1-04-0
21XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png0-13-1
31Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-02-1
42Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png1-02-2
41Unit3klogo std.png0-12-2
62Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png0-11-2
6Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-01-2
81Eternallogo std.png1-01-3
91Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-10-3
Week 5
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png0-04-0
21Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-03-1
31Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png1-03-2
31XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png0-13-2
51Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png1-02-2
62Eternallogo std.png1-02-3
62Unit3klogo std.png0-12-3
82Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-11-3
9Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-10-4
Week 6
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png0-04-0
2Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-04-1
3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png0-03-2
41XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png0-13-3
51Eternallogo std.png0-02-3
5Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png0-12-3
51Unit3klogo std.png0-02-3
8Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-01-3
9Killabeez Esportslogo std.png1-01-4
Week 7
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png2-06-0
2Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-05-1
3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png1-14-3
31XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png1-04-3
5Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png1-03-3
61Eternallogo std.png0-12-4
61Unit3klogo std.png0-12-4
81Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-11-5
8Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-21-5
Week 8
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png1-07-0
2Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-06-1
32Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png1-04-3
3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png0-04-3
52XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png0-14-4
6Eternallogo std.png1-03-4
71Unit3klogo std.png0-12-5
8Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-11-6
8Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-11-6
Week 9
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png0-17-1
11Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-07-1
3Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png1-05-3
3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png1-05-3
5XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png0-04-4
6Eternallogo std.png0-13-5
61Unit3klogo std.png1-03-5
8Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-11-7
8Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-11-7


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VODs & Match Links
Week 1
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Eternallogo std.pngETRXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX1 - 3Don De GentesUriVod
Unit3klogo std.pngUT3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC3 - 2Don De GentesUriVod
Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWKPushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH1 - 3Don De GentesKranielVod
Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZVeteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN2 - 3Don De GentesKranielVod
Week 2
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSHKillabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ3 - 0KranielUriVod
Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPFEternallogo std.pngETR3 - 1KranielUriVod
XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNXRavens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC3 - 2Don De GentesUriVod
Unit3klogo std.pngUT3Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN3 - 1Don De GentesUriVod
Week 3
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNXUnit3klogo std.pngUT33 - 1Don De GentesKranielVod
Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTNPushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH0 - 3KranielUriVod
Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngRECTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF3 - 0KranielUriVod
Eternallogo std.pngETRKawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK1 - 3Don De GentesUriVod
Week 4
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSHUnit3klogo std.pngUT33 - 0Don De GentesUriVod
Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPFXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX3 - 0Don De GentesUriVod
Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWKRavens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC1 - 3KranielUriVod
Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZEternallogo std.pngETR2 - 3KranielUriVod
Week 5
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Eternallogo std.pngETRVeteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN3 - 0KranielUriVod
Unit3klogo std.pngUT3Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF1 - 3KranielUriVod
Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngRECKillabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ3 - 0Don De GentesKranielVod
XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNXKawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK1 - 3Don De GentesKranielVod
Week 6
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX3 - 1Don De GentesKranielVod
Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWKTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF1 - 3Don De GentesKranielVod
Week 7
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTNRavens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC0 - 3Don De GentesUriVod
Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSHEternallogo std.pngETR3 - 1Don De GentesUriVod
Unit3klogo std.pngUT3Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK1 - 3KranielUriVod
Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPFKillabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ3 - 1KranielUriVod
XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNXVeteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN3 - 1Don De GentesUriVod
Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngRECPushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH0 - 3Don De GentesUriVod
Week 8
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZKawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK0 - 3Don De GentesKranielVod
Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTNTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF0 - 3Don De GentesKranielVod
Eternallogo std.pngETRUnit3klogo std.pngUT33 - 2Don De GentesUriVod
Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSHXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX3 - 0Don De GentesUriVod
Week 9
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWKVeteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN3 - 0Don De GentesKranielVod
Unit3klogo std.pngUT3Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ3 - 2Don De GentesKranielVod
Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngRECEternallogo std.pngETR3 - 0KranielUriVod
Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPFPushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH3 - 0KranielUriVod



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