NGL Masters Division 2020 Stage 1

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NGL Masters Division 2020 Stage 1
NGL Masters Division.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerNational Gaming League
Sponsor(s)Red Computer
Location & Dates
GameModern Warfare
PlatformPlayStation 4
Start Date2020-01-08
End Date2020-03-04
ScheduleSpoiler-Free Schedule
Calendar Export
WinnerTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngParagon FTW
SecondPushing Gaminglogo std.pngPushing Gaming
ThirdRavens Esports Clublogo std.pngRavens Esports
FourthKawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKawaii Kiwis



Game Types and Maps[edit]

  • Domination: Gun Runner, Hackney Yard, Rammaza, St. Petrograd
  • Hardpoint: Arklov Peak, Azhir Cave, Gun Runner, Hackney Yard, Rammaza, St. Petrograd
  • Search & Destroy: Arklov Peak, Azhir Cave, Gun Runner, Hackney Yard, Piccadilly, Rammaza, St. Petrograd

Final Placings[edit]

Place Team Roster
GoldRibbon.png 1 Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTeam Paragon FTW SXNNYVoltrixKidzZRufiaVisions
SilverRibbon.png 2 Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPushing Gaming ReeaLEriKBooMVikulRenKoRMethodZ
BronzeRibbon.png 3 Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngRavens Esports Club DrumpzFussionTorressPepitasSuperpollo
CopperRibbon.png 4 Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKawaii Kiwis AetherAlfoonGlaaixZappyAntidhoZ
5 XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngXLYNX Esports Club CrisTDrunKzGeleSorwareStirpeeh
6 Eternallogo std.pngEternal ASAGagonsYRoGGeRPepoMaxedZ
7 Unit3klogo std.pngUnit3k GamerVMRadiaNtXemzedXpiryxRoToo
8 Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVeteranos eSports CRZYLunaaRSK7TokyoYaanKeH
9 Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKillabeez Esports GenueLupizVidalSoweDuKeS

Broadcast Talent[edit]

The full talent lineup for the event is as follows:


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Logo std.png 2019-12-20: Querella (Qualifier #2 winner) withdraws from league.[1]
Unit3klogo std.png 2019-12-27: Signs roster of 5 Bastardos (Qualifier #1 winner).[2]
XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png 2020-02-02: Organization ceases operations.[3]


Season Standings
1Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTeam Paragon FTW7 - 188%21 - 775%6W
2Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPushing Gaming7 - 188%21 - 581%1L
3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngRavens Esports Club5 - 363%19 - 1066%1W
4Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKawaii Kiwis5 - 363%18 - 1260%3W
5XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngXLYNX Esports Club4 - 450%14 - 1745%1L
6Eternallogo std.pngEternal3 - 538%13 - 1941%1L
7Unit3klogo std.pngUnit3k3 - 538%14 - 2041%1W
8Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVeteranos eSports1 - 713%5 - 2318%7L
9Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKillabeez Esports1 - 713%10 - 2231%3L


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Week 1
Wed 8 Jan - Thu 9 JanWed 8 Jan - Thu 9 JanThu 9 Jan - Fri 10 Jan2020,1,08,16,00 - 2020,1,09,17,15
Wed 2020-01-08
Wed 2020-01-08
Thu 2020-01-09
ETREternallogo std.png13XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX
UT3Unit3klogo std.png32Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC
Thu 2020-01-09
Thu 2020-01-09
Fri 2020-01-10
KWKKawaii Kiwislogo std.png13Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH
KBZKillabeez Esportslogo std.png23Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN
Week 2
Wed 15 Jan - Thu 16 JanWed 15 Jan - Thu 16 JanThu 16 Jan - Fri 17 Jan2020,1,15,16,00 - 2020,1,16,17,15
Wed 2020-01-15
Wed 2020-01-15
Thu 2020-01-16
PSHPushing Gaminglogo std.png30Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ
TPFTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.png31Eternallogo std.pngETR
Thu 2020-01-16
Thu 2020-01-16
Fri 2020-01-17
LNXXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png32Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC
UT3Unit3klogo std.png31Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN
Week 3
Wed 22 Jan - Fri 24 JanWed 22 Jan - Fri 24 JanThu 23 Jan - Sat 25 Jan2020,1,22,16,00 - 2020,1,24,17,15
Wed 2020-01-22
Wed 2020-01-22
Thu 2020-01-23
LNXXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png31Unit3klogo std.pngUT3
Thu 2020-01-23
Thu 2020-01-23
Fri 2020-01-24
VTNVeteranos eSportslogo std.png03Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH
RECRavens Esports Clublogo std.png30Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF
Fri 2020-01-24
Fri 2020-01-24
Sat 2020-01-25
ETREternallogo std.png13Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK
Week 4
Wed 29 Jan - Thu 30 JanWed 29 Jan - Thu 30 JanThu 30 Jan - Fri 31 Jan2020,1,29,16,00 - 2020,1,30,17,15
Wed 2020-01-29
Wed 2020-01-29
Thu 2020-01-30
PSHPushing Gaminglogo std.png30Unit3klogo std.pngUT3
TPFTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.png30XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX
Thu 2020-01-30
Thu 2020-01-30
Fri 2020-01-31
KWKKawaii Kiwislogo std.png13Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC
KBZKillabeez Esportslogo std.png23Eternallogo std.pngETR
Week 5
Wed 5 Feb - Thu 6 FebWed 5 Feb - Thu 6 FebThu 6 Feb - Fri 7 Feb2020,2,05,16,00 - 2020,2,06,17,15
Wed 2020-02-05
Wed 2020-02-05
Thu 2020-02-06
ETREternallogo std.png30Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN
UT3Unit3klogo std.png13Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF
Thu 2020-02-06
Thu 2020-02-06
Fri 2020-02-07
RECRavens Esports Clublogo std.png30Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ
LNXXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png13Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK
Week 6
Thu 13 FebThu 13 FebFri 14 Feb2020,2,13,16,00 - 2020,2,13,17,15
Thu 2020-02-13
Thu 2020-02-13
Fri 2020-02-14
KBZKillabeez Esportslogo std.png31XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX
KWKKawaii Kiwislogo std.png13Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF
Week 7
Mon 17 Feb - Thu 20 FebMon 17 Feb - Thu 20 FebTue 18 Feb - Fri 21 Feb2020,2,17,16,00 - 2020,2,20,17,15
Mon 2020-02-17
Mon 2020-02-17
Tue 2020-02-18
VTNVeteranos eSportslogo std.png03Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC
PSHPushing Gaminglogo std.png31Eternallogo std.pngETR
Wed 2020-02-19
Wed 2020-02-19
Thu 2020-02-20
UT3Unit3klogo std.png13Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK
TPFTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.png31Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ
Thu 2020-02-20
Thu 2020-02-20
Fri 2020-02-21
LNXXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png31Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN
RECRavens Esports Clublogo std.png03Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH
Week 8
Wed 26 Feb - Thu 27 FebWed 26 Feb - Thu 27 FebThu 27 Feb - Fri 28 Feb2020,2,26,16,00 - 2020,2,27,17,15
Wed 2020-02-26
Wed 2020-02-26
Thu 2020-02-27
KBZKillabeez Esportslogo std.png03Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK
VTNVeteranos eSportslogo std.png03Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF
Thu 2020-02-27
Thu 2020-02-27
Fri 2020-02-28
ETREternallogo std.png32Unit3klogo std.pngUT3
PSHPushing Gaminglogo std.png30XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX
Week 9
Mon 2 Mar - Wed 4 MarMon 2 Mar - Wed 4 MarTue 3 Mar - Thu 5 Mar2020,3,02,16,00 - 2020,3,04,17,15
Mon 2020-03-02
Mon 2020-03-02
Tue 2020-03-03
KWKKawaii Kiwislogo std.png30Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN
UT3Unit3klogo std.png32Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ
Wed 2020-03-04
Wed 2020-03-04
Thu 2020-03-05
RECRavens Esports Clublogo std.png30Eternallogo std.pngETR
TPFTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.png30Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH


Week 1
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png1-01-0
1Unit3klogo std.png1-01-0
1Veteranos eSportslogo std.png1-01-0
1XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png1-01-0
5Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png0-00-0
6Eternallogo std.png0-10-1
6Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png0-10-1
6Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-10-1
6Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png0-10-1
Week 2
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png1-02-0
1Unit3klogo std.png1-02-0
1XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png1-02-0
41Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-01-0
54Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-11-1
6Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png0-00-1
71Eternallogo std.png0-10-2
71Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-10-2
71Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png0-10-2
Week 3
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png1-03-0
1XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png1-03-0
32Unit3klogo std.png0-12-1
42Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png1-01-1
4Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png0-11-1
61Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png1-01-2
61Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-11-2
81Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-00-2
92Eternallogo std.png0-10-3
Week 4
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png1-04-0
21XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png0-13-1
31Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-02-1
42Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png1-02-2
41Unit3klogo std.png0-12-2
62Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png0-11-2
6Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-01-2
81Eternallogo std.png1-01-3
91Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-10-3
Week 5
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png0-04-0
21Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-03-1
31Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png1-03-2
31XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png0-13-2
51Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png1-02-2
62Eternallogo std.png1-02-3
62Unit3klogo std.png0-12-3
82Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-11-3
9Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-10-4
Week 6
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png0-04-0
2Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-04-1
3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png0-03-2
41XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png0-13-3
51Eternallogo std.png0-02-3
5Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png0-12-3
51Unit3klogo std.png0-02-3
8Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-01-3
9Killabeez Esportslogo std.png1-01-4
Week 7
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png2-06-0
2Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-05-1
3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png1-14-3
31XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png1-04-3
5Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png1-03-3
61Eternallogo std.png0-12-4
61Unit3klogo std.png0-12-4
81Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-11-5
8Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-21-5
Week 8
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png1-07-0
2Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-06-1
32Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png1-04-3
3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png0-04-3
52XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png0-14-4
6Eternallogo std.png1-03-4
71Unit3klogo std.png0-12-5
8Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-11-6
8Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-11-6
Week 9
1Pushing Gaminglogo std.png0-17-1
11Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.png1-07-1
3Kawaii Kiwislogo std.png1-05-3
3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.png1-05-3
5XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.png0-04-4
6Eternallogo std.png0-13-5
61Unit3klogo std.png1-03-5
8Killabeez Esportslogo std.png0-11-7
8Veteranos eSportslogo std.png0-11-7


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VODs & Match Links
Week 1
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Eternallogo std.pngETRXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX1 - 3Don De GentesUriVod
Unit3klogo std.pngUT3Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC3 - 2Don De GentesUriVod
Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWKPushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH1 - 3Don De GentesKranielVod
Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZVeteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN2 - 3Don De GentesKranielVod
Week 2
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSHKillabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ3 - 0KranielUriVod
Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPFEternallogo std.pngETR3 - 1KranielUriVod
XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNXRavens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC3 - 2Don De GentesUriVod
Unit3klogo std.pngUT3Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN3 - 1Don De GentesUriVod
Week 3
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNXUnit3klogo std.pngUT33 - 1Don De GentesKranielVod
Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTNPushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH0 - 3KranielUriVod
Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngRECTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF3 - 0KranielUriVod
Eternallogo std.pngETRKawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK1 - 3Don De GentesUriVod
Week 4
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSHUnit3klogo std.pngUT33 - 0Don De GentesUriVod
Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPFXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX3 - 0Don De GentesUriVod
Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWKRavens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC1 - 3KranielUriVod
Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZEternallogo std.pngETR2 - 3KranielUriVod
Week 5
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Eternallogo std.pngETRVeteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN3 - 0KranielUriVod
Unit3klogo std.pngUT3Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF1 - 3KranielUriVod
Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngRECKillabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ3 - 0Don De GentesKranielVod
XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNXKawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK1 - 3Don De GentesKranielVod
Week 6
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX3 - 1Don De GentesKranielVod
Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWKTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF1 - 3Don De GentesKranielVod
Week 7
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTNRavens Esports Clublogo std.pngREC0 - 3Don De GentesUriVod
Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSHEternallogo std.pngETR3 - 1Don De GentesUriVod
Unit3klogo std.pngUT3Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK1 - 3KranielUriVod
Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPFKillabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ3 - 1KranielUriVod
XLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNXVeteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN3 - 1Don De GentesUriVod
Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngRECPushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH0 - 3Don De GentesUriVod
Week 8
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZKawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWK0 - 3Don De GentesKranielVod
Veteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTNTeam Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPF0 - 3Don De GentesKranielVod
Eternallogo std.pngETRUnit3klogo std.pngUT33 - 2Don De GentesUriVod
Pushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSHXLYNX Esports Clublogo std.pngLNX3 - 0Don De GentesUriVod
Week 9
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithRedditVODs
Kawaii Kiwislogo std.pngKWKVeteranos eSportslogo std.pngVTN3 - 0Don De GentesKranielVod
Unit3klogo std.pngUT3Killabeez Esportslogo std.pngKBZ3 - 2Don De GentesKranielVod
Ravens Esports Clublogo std.pngRECEternallogo std.pngETR3 - 0KranielUriVod
Team Paragon For The Winlogo std.pngTPFPushing Gaminglogo std.pngPSH3 - 0KranielUriVod



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