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New York Subliners
New York Sublinerslogo profile.png
Team Information
Org Location
United States
CDL Franchise
Sterling VC
New York Mets
Head CoachJohn "Revan" Boble
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New York Subliners, also known as "NYSL", is the official Call of Duty League franchise team of New York, United States. It is owned and operated by Andbox, co-founded by Sterling VC and the New York Mets, who also own the Overwatch League's New York Excelsior.


Modern Warfare[edit]

The New York Franchise was announced on May 2, 2019, as one of the first five franchise league teams. Revan joined as coach and MLG statistician JP Krez joined as analyst on August 20. ZooMaa was announced as the team's first player signing on September 25. Temp and Accuracy's signings were announced the next day, with Zer0 and Attach rounding out the starting roster less than 24 hours later. New York was the first team to announce it's completed starting lineup. On October 17, Censor joined the team as their first substitute for the 2020 season. On October 21, 2019, the team branding was revealed as the New York Subliners. Happy was announced as the team's second substitute on November 18.

The Subliners entered Launch Weekend with high hopes but reality set in when London Royal Ravens and Atlanta FaZe beat them by a combined 6-1 scoreline. In London, New York defeated Paris Legion but were then knocked into the Group B losers bracket by home team London Royal Ravens. In their rematch against Paris Legion, the Subliners were swept. The team's first roster change happened before Week 4 began with Zer0 getting replaced by substitute Happy despite Happy not playing professionally for three years. According to players, he had not practiced respawn until the week before the event. The results were not shocking as Happy under performed and the team lost both matches. Before the weekend ended amateur player Mack was announced onto the roster. After an extended break due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Subliners returned in Week 6 with some higher exceptions than previous weeks and they delivered by defeating the Chicago Huntsmen in the first Group A match. After losing to Atlanta FaZe in a game 5, they rematched against the Huntsmen again, this time losing 3-1.

The Subliners returned in Week 7 and continued to improve with Mack, who cemented his place, in the lineup. They made it out of Group A in losers after beating home series hosts Florida Mutineers and Minnesota RØKKR before once again falling to Atlanta FaZe, this time in the semifinal for the first time. Leading up to Week 8, Zer0 was released from the team and joined London. After defeating hosts Seattle Surge in their first match, the Subliners faced off against Zer0 and his new look London Royal Ravens. London took the series 3-0 and sent New York down to face the Guerrillas. They beat the Guerrillas 3-1 but then fell 3-1 to the Chicago Huntsmen. In Week 10, the Subliners continued their improved form by making it to the semifinals for the third straight event. The fell to eventual winners Florida 3-2. For their Home Series, New York stepped up to the plate to face home series curse and knocked it out of the park. After falling to the Huntsmen in the group stage, they beat London and Toronto to rematch against Chicago in the grand final. They took the series 3-0 and became the first team to win their own home series in eight weeks. Week 12 would be the team's final event, and it would also be one to forget. After defeating Los Angeles Guerrillas 3-0, the then lost 6 straight maps to Dallas Empire and Paris Legion to end their regular season on a sour note. They end up 5th place after a bad first half of the season with 140 CDL Points.

New York started in Winners Round 1 at the Call of Duty League Championship 2020. They beat Minnesota RØKKR 3-1 and then lost 2-3 to Chicago Huntsmen in Winners Round 2. In Losers Round 3, London Royal Ravens beat the Subliners 3-1. They finished the tournament Top 6.

Black Ops Cold War[edit]

Temp announced his free agency on September 4 with Happy leaving as well days later. Accuracy and Censor's departures were announced on September 8. Attach left the team on September 15, departing from long time duo ZooMaa. Three-time world champion Clayster joined on September 18 after being the odd man out on the inaugural CDL champions Dallas Empire. Rising French star HyDra joined the lineup on October 9.


  • 2019
  • 2020

Player Roster[edit]



ZooMaaThomas PaparattoPlayer
Sep 20192019-09-25

MackMakenzie KelleyPlayer
Mar 20202020-03-08

ClaysterJames EubanksPlayer
Sep 20202020-09-18

HyDraPaco RusiewiezPlayer
Oct 20202020-10-09


Players are shown for the entire duration of their tenure on the team, with the role and substitute/trainee status they had upon their departure.

PlayerNameRoleJoinedLeftNext Team

AttachDillon PricePlayerSep 20192019-09-27Sep 20202020-09-15Minnesota RØKKRlogo std.pngMIN

CensorDoug Martin
Oct 20192019-10-17Sep 20202020-09-08Triumphlogo std.pngTRI

AccuracyLamar AbediPlayerSep 20192019-09-26Sep 20202020-09-08Minnesota RØKKRlogo std.pngMIN

HappyNick Suda
Nov 20192019-11-18Sep 20202020-09-06None

TempDonovan LarodaPlayerSep 20192019-09-26Sep 20202020-09-04None

Zer0Trei Morris
Sep 20192019-09-27May 20202020-05-20London Royal Ravenslogo std.pngLDN



C ID Name Position
Revan John Boble 80Coach
JP Krez JohnPaul Krez 80Analyst
Adam Adam Eckel Player Manager
Farzam Kamel President & Co-Founder
Rohit Gupta Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder
Scott Wilpon Co-Founder
Sundance DiGiovanni Investor
Michael Sepso Investor


Team Achievements[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

New York Subliners Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
2020-09-133 - 4 Call of Duty League 2020 - All-Star Weekend 1v1 ZooMaa
2020-09-139 - 16 Call of Duty League 2020 - All-Star Weekend 1v1 Attach
2020-09-1317 - 32 Call of Duty League 2020 - All-Star Weekend 1v1 Mack
2020-08-307 - 8$ 175,000$ 175,000$ 175,000 Call of Duty League Championship 2020 ZooMaa •  Temp •  Accuracy •  Attach •  Mack Revan
2020-08-299 - 12 CDL City Circuit 2020 Championship Lou •  Yodi
2020-07-2610 CDL Warzone Weekend: Week 6 ZooMaa •  Temp •  Attach •  Mack
2020-07-195 - 6 Call of Duty League 2020 Week 12 - London ZooMaa •  Temp •  Accuracy •  Attach •  Mack Revan
2020-07-121$ 50,000$ 50,000$ 50,000 Call of Duty League 2020 Week 11 - New York ZooMaa •  Temp •  Accuracy •  Attach •  Mack Revan
2020-06-213 - 4$ 10,000$ 10,000$ 10,000 Call of Duty League 2020 Week 10 - Paris ZooMaa •  Temp •  Accuracy •  Attach •  Mack Revan
2020-05-243 - 4$ 10,000$ 10,000$ 10,000 Call of Duty League 2020 Week 8 - Seattle ZooMaa •  Temp •  Accuracy •  Attach •  Mack Revan
Total Prize:USD 245,000


  • 2019
  • 2020


Reveal 2019-10-21
Colors #4B4B50, #FFF000, #B9BABD, #171C38, #FFFFFF
New York Subliners: Our Story
Subliners: An Underground Movement

Subliners is born from the grit and chaos of the underground. Like our city, our team is built from the ground up to be a movement that challenges the mainstream and the status quo. Our name resists definition, but it stands for all who subvert the rules and play the game their way. We thrive on high pressure, high stakes, and high intensity.

Inspired by the dazzle camouflage on warships, our logo draws from bold contrasting colors and lines that intersect each other. Being visually loud draws more attention than it deflects, but at high speeds, it disorients opponents and distorts their perception. Our logo is a weapon and a provocation; a crosshair and a moving target. It is always active, moving with speed and precision to confuse – not conceal.

Grounding the logo is our stenciled wordmark, an urban interpretation of lettering stretching from war zones to construction zones. Our team colors feature a dominant yellow that can’t be missed and acts as both a warning and an invitation.


Tournaments Hosted[edit]

Game Start End Tournament Location Teams Prize Winner Second
2020-07-23 2020-07-23 CDL City Circuit 2020 NY North America Logo std.pngLou & Yodi
2020-07-11 2020-07-12 CDC New York Open 2020 Asia Pacific Asia Pacific 29 $ 1,500 Renegadeslogo std.pngRenegades Logo std.pngThrone
2020-07-11 2020-07-12 CDC New York Open 2020 Europe Europe 126 $ 6,000 Team WaRlogo std.pngTeam WaR TrainHard Esportlogo std.pngTrainHard Esport
2020-07-11 2020-07-12 CDC New York Open 2020 North America North America 182 $ 7,500 UYUlogo std.pngUYU Logo std.pngP!NG Crew
2020-07-10 2020-07-12 Call of Duty League 2020 Week 11 - New York United States 8 $ 100,000 New York Sublinerslogo std.pngNY Subliners Chicago Huntsmenlogo std.pngCHI Huntsmen
2019-11-01 2019-11-03 Subliners New York Open 2019 North America 446 $ 10,000 Logo std.pngTEAM ICEMAN Logo std.pngyesssssirrr

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