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March 31
NA Team Kaliberlogo std.png tK FormaL and Theory leave.
March 30
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Gold.png CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png compLexity Gaming Silver.png Team Envylogo std.png Team Envy Bronze.png OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic Gaming in 2014 Call of Duty Championship.
March 26
NA Team JusTuslogo std.png Jus Tipsy leaves.
March 23
NA Team Curselogo std.png Crs Yth Diabolic joins.
March 21
NA VanQuish Gaminglogo std.png vQ SpaceLy and John join for MLG CoD League Season 2 Online Qualifier.
NA Team Curselogo std.png Crs Yth Chino leaves.
March 20
NA VanQuish Gaminglogo std.png vQ Miyagi and Enable leave ELvlogo std.png eLevate.White and join.
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SSOF Gaminglogo std.png SSOF Gaming are disqualified from Call of Duty Championship 2014 for sharing account information. Read More
March 18
EU Milleniumlogo std.png Mill Zayrox and ZylewR leave.
EU Team Infusedlogo std.png infs JTee, Watson, Peatie and Momo join.
March 15
NA Team Curselogo std.png Crs LV KiLLa leaves.
March 15
EU Epsilon eSportslogo std.png Epsi Yth Roster forms. Carbon and Melo join.
March 13
NA ELevate.Blacklogo std.png eLv B Saw Competitivelogo std.png Saw Competitive roster is acquired. Fatalize, Complex, Ghoster and Felonies join.
NA Team JusTuslogo std.png Jus Gucci and Neslo leave.
EU Aware Gaminglogo std.png AwG McGee and KyLee leave.
March 11
NA Logo std.png DNL Roster disbands.
March 09
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Gold.png Strictly Business Gaminglogo std.png Strictly Business Silver.png CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png compLexity Gaming Bronze.png Team Kaliberlogo std.png Team Kaliber in 2014 Season NA Regional Finals.
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