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November 30
NA FLARE eSportslogo std.png FLARE DraMa leaves.
NA Insomnia eSportslogo std.png Insomnia Chance|Chance (Eric Moore)|Chance, Demented, PoWuh and Prophet join.
November 29
NA VexX Gaminglogo std.png VexX Prophet leaves.
November 28
EU PuLse Gaminglogo std.png PuLse MiSaA leaves. Unwize joins.
November 27
Gold.png Logo std.png Flame Retardant Silver.png Logo std.png The SAS in A LAN by BRICE.
GAMElogo small.png
Gold.png Heretics KFClogo std.png Heretics KFC Silver.png EMonkeyzlogo std.png eMonkeyz in Fun & Serious Invitational.
November 25
NA FURY Gaminglogo std.png FURY Aries joins.
November 23
NA 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP Baker and CaLiFa rejoin. Apox and Lawless join.
NA Echo Foxlogo std.png FOX Methodz|Methodz (Anthony Zinni)|Methodz, Mosh and TcM join.
November 21
NA Evil Geniuseslogo std.png EG NAMELESS, StuDyy, Havok and Nagafen join.
November 20
EU Elevate EUlogo std.png Elv EU Zed, Reedy, Seany and Watson join.
NA Wise Gaminglogo std.png Wise Buck|Buck (Angelo Larosa)|Buck, Copier, Hippi and Fizzini join.
November 19
EU PuLse Gaminglogo std.png PuLse Veziok, Chucky, Gump and MiSaA join.
November 16
EU True eSportlogo std.png TeS Frido, Kolgaa, Dyablo and Jimmy join.
NA Hydra Gaminglogo std.png Hydra GodRx joins.
November 15
NA XtroVert eSportslogo std.png XV MoTi, Stamino, Thing2 and Envader join.
NA Hydra Gaminglogo std.png Hydra Aries leaves.
NA Logo std.png ProoF's T SpaceLy joins.
November 14
NA FURY Gaminglogo std.png FURY GodRx joins.
November 13
Pslogo small.png
Gold.png Solution Gaminglogo std.png Solution Gaming Silver.png Logo std.png NNNerds in PlayStation MASTERS Respawn 2016.
November 12
NA Dream Teamlogo std.png dT Fox|Fox (Issac Padilla)|Fox, GodLike, Lyric and NinjaZ join.
NA Team Allegiancelogo std.png ALG SinfuL joins.
EU HyperGames Teamlogo std.png HG Zed, Watson, Seany and Reedy leave.
AP Logo std.png ex-Orbit Bacabec leaves. Damage joins.
November 11
NA Hydra Gaminglogo std.png Hydra Aries, Holler, Legend|Legend (Tommy Bennett)|Legend and Risky join.
EU Logo std.png QwiK's T Carbines leaves. Revolt joins.
November 09
NA GosuCrewlogo std.png TGC Prestinni, Arcitys, Gunless and Mayhem join.
AP The Chiefs eSports Clublogo std.png Chiefs Excite and Lakie join.
November 08
NA Team Allegiancelogo std.png ALG Xotic leaves.
November 07
EU Supremacylogo std.png Sy Eazy, Hosterz and SenKa join.
EU WySix Youthlogo std.png WySix Y Hosterz and SenKa leave.
AP Logo std.png eX Perko leaves.
November 06
NA FLARE eSportslogo std.png FLARE Cyborg, DraMa, MysticaL and Anihmal join.
NA Rise Nationlogo std.png Rise Aqua, Faccento and FeLonY join.
NA Elevatelogo std.png Elv Aqua, Faccento and FeLonY leave.
November 05
Gfinitylogo small.png
Gold.png Team Infusedlogo std.png Team Infused Silver.png Logo std.png COD4 MWR in Gfinity Modern Warfare Remastered Launch Cup.
PLGlogo small.png
Gold.png Logo std.png Valour eSports Silver.png Logo std.png Team EniGmA V in PLG 2016 CWL Middle East Final.
November 04
Gfinitylogo small.png
Gold.png Orbit eSport EUlogo std.png Orbit eSport EU Silver.png HyperGames Teamlogo std.png HyperGames Team in Gfinity Infinite Warfare Launch Cup.
EU Logo std.png Torres's T Torres, Braaain, Momentus and Wuskinz join.
NA Logo std.png Blfire's T Blfire, Miyagi, Examples and Johnny join.
NA Logo std.png NAME's T NAMELESS, StuDyy, Havok and Nagafen join.
CWL2018logo small.png
Infinite Warfare Competitive Play Guidelines Version 1 is released.
ATVIlogo small.png
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered are released.
November 02
NA Logo std.png KiLLa's T KiLLa, Maux, MiRx and Whea7s join.
November 01
NA Logo std.png ProoF's T ProoFy, TwiZz, SinfuL and Nelson join.
EU Logo std.png QwiK's T QwiKeR, Carbines, Colgate and Zerg join.
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