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September 29
SA No Limits eSportslogo std.png NL Couti leaves. ViceeN joins.
SA Absolute Zerologo std.png ABZ Couti joins.
September 28
EU Team Infusedlogo std.png infs Alexx leaves. Zed joins.
September 25
EU Supremacylogo std.png Sy Malls leaves.
September 24
SA Tech Titanslogo std.png T7 ViceeN joins.
September 23
NA ERa Eternitylogo std.png eRa Rallied joins.
September 22
SA No Limits eSportslogo std.png NL Meethax, ReeDZy, Varko and ViceeN leave. Couti, Fede, Stoop and Zooner join.
NA Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png E6 Royalty, Kade and Proto leave. Dashy, Bevils and Decemate join.
September 21
NA Evil Geniuseslogo std.png EG ACHES, Enable and Apathy join.
NA FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe Enable leaves.
SA AfterDark eSportslogo std.png AFD Gecko leaves.
September 20
SA Evilvice E-Sportslogo std.png EVV NanZ leaves.
SA AfterDark eSportslogo std.png AFD NanZ joins.
September 19
NA Beyond Realitylogo std.png bR Hitmxn, Neonn, Luka and JetLi join.
EU Splycelogo std.png SPY Tommey joins.
SA Kitsune eSportslogo std.png KTS Couti, Fede, Stoop and Zooner leave.
September 18
EU Fnaticlogo std.png FNC Tommey, SunnyB, Skrapz and wuskin leave.
SA Mafia eSportslogo std.png Mafia StaniuM and ExyLon leave. Rizee, SteeMz and FreeeKz join.
SA Equal Gaminglogo std.png Equal StaniuM and ExyLon join.
September 17
NA 3Kingz Gaminglogo std.png 3KG Solo, Vee, GodFormz and SNOWHARE join.
NA Edax Prologo std.png Edax Solo leaves.
SA Evilvice E-Sportslogo std.png EVV NanZ leaves.
September 16
EU Red Reservelogo std.png Red Rated, Zer0 and Joshh join.
NA Lethal Gaminglogo std.png Lethal JuJu, HumanJesus, KlinK and Hate leave.
September 14
NA ERa Eternitylogo std.png eRa Dedo joins.
NA Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone Prophet, FA5TBALLA, TuQuick and Jsano join.
September 12
News Label - Europe.png
Free Agentlogo std.png
Jake|Jake (Jake Dalton)|Jake comes out of retirement.
September 11
AF Bravado Gaminglogo std.png Bravado Vadex and Freakz leave. Rahil, Clanko and Waffle join.
NA 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP DraMa leaves.
September 10
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LatamProLeaguelogo small.png
Gold.png Virtue Gaminglogo std.png Virtue Gaming Silver.png 4LF4 Teamlogo std.png 4LF4 Team at the 2017 Latam Pro League Diamond League 2 Playoffs.
SA LgnDary e-SporTlogo std.png LgnDary BooM, WisteD, HeToR and Rydekz join.
SA Equal Gaminglogo std.png Equal BooM leaves.
September 06
EU Splycelogo std.png SPY Zer0 leaves.
SA Tech Titanslogo std.png T7 Firi, SpaCent, Joni and SanTy join.
SA Mixx Gaminglogo std.png Mixx Firi, SpaCent, Joni and SanTy leave.
September 05
AP Mindfreak.Blacklogo std.png MF Black Setzyy and Swiftaz0r leave. Rival and Macka join.
NA Projekt Evillogo std.png ProjektE MRuiz, ExiB, Tempo and Holler join.
September 01
News Label - Europe.png
LVPlogo small.png
Logo std.png Amores, The G-Lab Addictslogo std.png The G-Lab Addicts, Hezor Gaminglogo std.png Hezor Gaming, TsG eSportslogo std.png TsG eSports, Team Stallionslogo std.png Team Stallions, Ripper eSportslogo std.png Ripper eSports, Soul Gaminglogo std.png Soul Gaming and Poco se hablalogo std.png Poco se habla qualify for 2017 LVP La Copa.
EU Elevate EUlogo std.png Elv Zed and Desire leave.
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