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Team has disbanded.
No Use Talking
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Team Information
Org Location
Asia Pacific
Anthrax eSports
Colosseum SG
CreatedOrganization: 2004-02-DD
CoD Division: 2015-02-13
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No Use Talking (NUT) is a South East Asian eSports organization that formed in 2004.


NUT is a competitive esport organization based in Singapore which was originally established in February 2004 under the name Bf.Nut, for their love of the Battlefield series. They aim to gather the finest players in the country and to maintain the best standards in eSports, so as to not only establish themselves as a pioneer for the growth of eSports in Singapore but to also compete internationally at the highest possible level. Over the years Bf.Nut has been steadily expanding their area of expertise outside of the Battlefield series, too many FPS and MOBA games. Having recognized the need to accommodate a wide array of games in the constantly evolving eSports scene and organizing of community gaming events, Bf.Nut have rebranded themselves and their name to NUT, which signifies their wish to transition and adapt to new games and challenges.

The team over at NUT are hardworking and committed. Their name is synonymous with glory and excellence, and this is punctuated by their signature tagline – “No Use Talking”. By never forgetting their humble beginnings, practicing humility and embracing the attitudes characteristic of winners—the constant willingness to learn, the determination to improve, and the strength to never give up—this stellar organization has achieved multifarious notable accolades and achievements, and will always be looking to achieve more.


  • 2015

Player Roster[edit]



C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Cypher Tan Jun Boon 75Objective INNoVatioNlogo std.pngiNNoVatioN
Axis Juan Miguel Rodriguez 61Slayer
ArtShot Kim Seong-gon (김성곤) 61Slayer INNoVatioNlogo std.pngiNNoVatioN
Lx7 Shayne Armnstrong 65Support



Team Achievements[edit]

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon AW.png2015-02-14A77 - 8$ 500 Call of Duty Championship 2015 Asia Pacific Regional Final Cypher •   Axis •   ArtShot •   Lx7



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