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Background Information
Name: Sam Larew
Country of Birth: United States USA
Birthday: June 23, 1997 (1997-06-23) (age 21)
Residency: News Label - North America.png North America
Team: OpTic Gaming
Role: Main AR Player
PSN ID: Octane623
XBL Gamertag: Octane eLv
Social Media and Links
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Team History
??? ???? - ??? ????
ISolation eSportslogo std.png iSolation eSports
??? ???? - ??? ????
Dream Teamlogo std.png Dream Team
??? ???? - ??? ????
Relapsed eSportslogo std.png Relapsed eSports
Feb 2015 - May 2015
Team JusTuslogo std.png Team JusTus
May 2015 - Jun 2015
Prophecy NAlogo std.png Prophecy NA
Jun 2015 - Sep 2015
Team Envylogo std.png Team Envy
Sep 2015 - Oct 2015
Elevatelogo std.png Elevate
Oct 2015 - Oct 2016
Rise Nationlogo std.png Rise Nation
Oct 2016 - May 2018
Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png Luminosity Gaming
May 2018 - Present
OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic Gaming
Sam "Octane" Larew is a Main AR Player for for OpTic Gaming. He broke out on the scene during Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, being renowned as one of the best ARs in the game. He is most well known for his roles on Team JusTus, Team Envy and Luminosity Gaming.


Advanced Warfare

Octane took the Call of Duty Pro scene by a storm during Advanced Warfare. He breifly played for Dream Team before being picked up by Team JusTus alongside StuDyy, Merk and TCM. Octane competed with Team JusTus during Season Two of the Pro League but ended up placing 12th with the team ending with a record of 13-31. Octane played for Prophecy NA for the Season Three Relegation Tournament alongside Aches, Aqua and Apathy although unfortunately they did not place top 4 to make it into Season Three of the AW Pro League, falling short by one round in a Game 5 S&D Qualification Round vs. iSolation. On June 25th, 2015 Octane joined Team EnVyUs alongside Jkap, Aqua and Loony. After inconsistent placings with Team EnVyUs, Octane left and decided to join Elevate alongside Saints, Slacked, and TJHaLy. At MLG World Finals, Elevate defeated top teams like FaZe and Denial before they faced Denial again and lost, finishing in 3rd place. On October 25th, Octane left Elevate to join Rise Nation with Classic, Slacked, and Loony.

Black Ops 3

At the Totino's Invitational 2015, Rise placed first beating OpTic Gaming by 1 round of Search and Destroy on Breach. Rise attended the 2016 CWL NA Pro Division Qualifying Invitational Tournament and qualified for the league. Rise in their second LAN of Black Ops 3 placed first at UMG South Carolina 2016 beating Luminosity Gaming in the finals. They also managed a second place finish at the 2016 NA CWL Stage 1 Playoffs after a heartbreaking loss to OpTic Gaming in a Game 7 Round 11 on Infection Search & Destroy. At ESWC 2016, Rise took home the 3rd place finish losing to Splyce. Progressing through the year Octane and his team continuously fell down in placings after being considered a top 2 team in the first half of the game. They placed 3rd at Anaheim, finished fourth overall in the Stage 2 regular season Season, and 3rd/4th at Stage 2 Playoffs, and a 5th place finish at MLG Orlando. The renowned Call of Duty Championships took place but Rise Nation failed to come up with anything special, as the team got pushed to the losers bracket by Elevate and ultimately knocked out of the tournament by Splyce This was the last time Octane played under Rise Nation.

Infinite Warfare

As the year began Octane, Slacked, and Classic parted ways with Rise Nation and Loony, to join up with Saints on Luminosity Gaming. Octane continued the main AR role on the team. The core 3 roster and the addition of Saints was regarded as a team to watch out for, with the slaying capacity of each player. Starting off they year, Luminosity attended the PlayStation Experience Invitational, but fell short, finishing 3rd-4th, losing to Orbit eSport EU. At the first major LAN event of Infinite Warfare, the 2017 CWL Las Vegas Open, the team played well but once again lost out, finishing 5/6th. This event saw the emergence of Luminosity's weakness in Search and Destroy. Moving forward, Luminosity managed their best placing in the Infinite Warfare season so far at the 2017 CWL Atlanta Open, coming home with a fourth place finish, after losing to Team EnVyUs in the Winners Bracket and OpTic Gaming in the Losers Bracket. Search and Destroy proved a particular struggle for Octane as he finished with a 0.66 K/D ratio. At the 2017 CWL Dallas Open, Luminosity finished 7-8th and continued to struggle in Search and Destroy. Although Octane posted a 1.0 K/D in that game type, showing massive improvement, LG only won 2 Search and Destroys, losing 7. Luminosity went on to become the 5th qualified team for the 2017 CWL Global Pro League Stage 1, where in Group Yellow, Octane had his best performance of the IW season, boasting a 1.15 K/D overall and a 1.32 Uplink K/D. LG clinched a playoff spot, finishing their group 4-2 after a dramatic finish against eUnited. Moving onto the Stage 1 Playoffs Luminosity placed 2nd off the back of one the best events Octane's career so far, but ultimately lost to Splyce in Round 11. Octane boasted a 1.20KD, taking down many of the top NA teams like OpTic Gaming, EnVyUs, FaZe and eUnited. The 2017 CWL Anaheim Open followed only two weeks later, and Luminosity took home 1st Place and Octane the MVP Trophy. Octane managed a 1.24 K/D, leading his team to victory taking down OpTic Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Epsilon, and getting payback from Stage 1 Playoffs beating Splyce in the Grand Final. This win and MVP performance solidified Octane as one of the best slayers and all round competitors in Infinite Warfare.



Recent Achievements (full list)
Game Date Place Event Winnings Team
GameIcon WWII.png 2018-06-17 A55 - 6 2018 CWL Anaheim Open $8,000 USD OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic Gaming
GameIcon WWII.png 2018-04-22 A77 - 8 2018 CWL Seattle Open $4,000 USD Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png Luminosity Gaming
GameIcon WWII.png 2018-04-08 A33 2018 CWL Pro League Stage 1 $92,500 USD Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png Luminosity Gaming
GameIcon WWII.png 2018-04-01 A11 2018 CWL Birmingham Open $80,000 USD Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png Luminosity Gaming
GameIcon WWII.png 2018-03-11 A33 2018 CWL Atlanta Open $32,000 USD Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png Luminosity Gaming






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