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Team has disbanded.
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Team Information
Org LocationEngland England
Owner(s)Oliver "Acid" Sellors
Scuf Gaming
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Prophecy is a defunct European team.


How It All Started

Prophecy was a brand created by Oliver "Acid" Sellors in February 2012, as part of the Infused Interactive network. After a long stint as general manager for Team Infused, they split their Call of Duty team to create Prophecy, and Team Infused resorted back to being a PC organization for the time being. The team of XLNC, GunShy, Jake and Flux played under the Team Infused banner for a couple events, one including MLG National Championship 2011 in Providence, where they came in unseeded and managed to finish 13th. Once Prophecy was created, there was a couple roster changes and the brand became official with the line-up of; GunShy, Swanny, Sowerz and vapeZ.

The Early Days

Coming in to the scene, Prophecy developed a quick fan base, with high caliber players in the line-up. It was the first time that Europe really had a single brand dedicated to Call of Duty, and a team that fans could really show their support to, dubbed the "OpTic Gaming of EU". With the teams first event back on Modern Warfare 3, at the EGL 5 event, all cameras were on Prophecy to see how well they could perform. Shortly before the event, OpTic Gaming announced they'd be travelling over to play at the event, a match everyone was looking forward to. The wishes were granted, and in a winners bracket semi-finals match, after an incredible back and fourth game, OpTic Gaming were able to take it 3-1, and eventually went on to win the event. All was looking positive in the Prophecy camp though, Multiplay's Insomnia 45 event a couple of weeks later, vapeZ unfortunately couldn't attend due to work. The team brought in ShAnE for this event as a last minute sub, and still all eyes were on the Prophecy line-up to see how well they could perform against EU teams only. As predicted by many, even with a last minute pick up of ShAnE, Prophecy came to the event and delivered, defeating TCM Gaming in the winners bracket final, and eventually the Grand Final. Following this win, vapeZ was officially replaced by ShAnE, and Prophecy started to grow much larger, with more victories on the way.

Taking A Break

Towards the end of Black Ops II, the Prophecy team had gone through some big roster changes. After Swanny and Jake had been dropped following Gfinity London 2013, a decision which left some people questioning, until the team unveiled the hottest two players in the European scene right now, MadCat and Jurd joining Prophecy, alongside XLNC and GunShy. Everyone thought this was now the new team which would go on to win everything, but unfortunately with EGL 10 Sheffield 2013 so close, things never really got going with the squad as they placed 5th, and Jurd returned back to Epsilon Esports. With only one event left on Black Ops II, Insomnia 49, the team brought in Joshh as a pick up, a player who was turning a lot of heads. Prophecy had always had a lot of success at iSeries events, being the only team to have won two up to this date, and their strong performance continued this time round to. A grand finals match was set with Epsilon, where former Prophecy players; ShAnE, Swanny and the more recently Jurd had returned to, a big rivalry match which got everyone's attention. Prophecy came in to the series with a 3-0 advantage, and continued their solid event by winning 6-0 over Epsilon. After the event, MadCat left the team, leaving just XLNC and GunShy as official players, as Prophecy announced they would be looking for two more ready for Call of Duty: Ghosts. It wasn't to be though, and GunShy was offered a spot on the TCM Gaming roster, which would see him able to compete at the MLG Fall Championship 2013 over in North America. At the beginning of January, Oliver "Acid" Sellors announced that Prophecy would be closing it's doors for the foreseeable future. Shortly after he joined FaZe Clan as their Business and Pro Team Manager.


Player Roster



C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
England Flux Ryan Oldfield 62Support TCM-Gaminglogo std.pngTCM-Gaming
England vapeZ Jordan Haydney 62Support Orbit eSportlogo std.pngTeam Orbit
England Sowerz Luke Sowersby 60Objective Logo std.pngLeveraGe EU
England Jake Jake Dalton 61Slayer Team Infusedlogo std.pngTeam Infused
England Swanny Callum Swan 61Slayer Logo std.pngEpsilon Esports
England MadCat Dylan Daly 62Support Team Infusedlogo std.pngTeam Infused
Republic of Ireland Jurd Jordan Crowley 61Slayer Logo std.pngEpsilon Esports
England Joshh Joshua-Lee Sheppard 62Support Logo std.pngEpsilon Esports
England ShAnE Shane McKerral 60Objective Logo std.pngEpsilon Esports
England Xanity Jay Bajwe 61Slayer Retiredlogo std.pngRetired
England Tommey Tom Trewren 62Support Milleniumlogo std.pngMillenium
England GunShy Tomas Jones 62Support TCM-Gaminglogo std.pngTCM-Gaming
Scotland XLNC Nick Ward 60Objective Team Infusedlogo std.pngTeam Infused



C ID Name Position
England Acid Oliver Sellors Founder & CEO

Team Achievements

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon BO2.png2013-08-25A11£ 1,800Insomnialogo small.png Insomnia49 GunShy •   XLNC •   MadCat •   Joshh
GameIcon BO2.png2013-08-11A55£ 350EGLlogo small.png EGL 10 Sheffield GunShy •   XLNC •   MadCat •   Jurd
GameIcon BO2.png2013-07-14A55 - 8Gfinitylogo small.png Gfinity London 2013 GunShy •   Swanny •   XLNC •   Jake
GameIcon BO2.png2013-06-30B717 - 24MLGlogo small.png MLG Spring Championship 2013 GunShy •   Swanny •   XLNC •   Jake
GameIcon BO2.png2013-03-31A55£ 300EGLlogo small.png EGL 9 Blackpool GunShy •   Swanny •   XLNC •   Tommey


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