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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2020,3,08,05,00CDC LA Open 2020LR6Encrypted Gaminglogo std.pngEncrypted GamingRebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsLoss3 - 2Vod
2020,3,08,03,30CDC LA Open 2020LR5Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsBuilt by Gamerslogo std.pngBuilt by GamersWin3 - 0
2020,3,08,02,00CDC LA Open 2020LR4Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsLogo std.pngGrand Evo GamingWin3 - 0
2020,3,08,00,00CDC LA Open 2020WR3Team WaRlogo std.pngTeam WaRRebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsLoss3 - 2
2020,3,07,21,30CDC LA Open 2020WR2Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsNightshade x Gonzologo std.pngNightshade x GonzoWin2 - 0
2020,3,07,19,00CDC LA Open 2020WR1Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsLogo std.pngGenetics eSportsWin2 - 0
2020,2,23,16,30CDC ATL Open 2020LR7Atlanta FaZelogo std.pngAF AcademyRebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsLoss3 - 2
2020,2,23,15,00CDC ATL Open 2020LR6Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsEncrypted Gaminglogo std.pngEncrypted GamingWin3 - 2
2020,2,23,00,00CDC ATL Open 2020WR4Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsRecon 5logo std.pngRecon 5Loss0 - 3
2020,2,23,00,00CDC ATL Open 2020LR5Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsFYC eSportslogo std.pngFYC eSportsWin3 - 0
2020,2,22,22,00CDC ATL Open 2020WR3Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsSenior Originlogo std.pngSenior Origin AlphaWin2 - 0
2020,2,22,20,00CDC ATL Open 2020WR2Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsLogo std.pngGrand Evolution EsportsWin2 - 0
2020,1,25,19,00CDC LW Open 2020LR7Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsElectrify Esportslogo std.pngElectrify EsportsLoss0 - 2
2020,1,25,18,00CDC LW Open 2020WR5UYUlogo std.pngUYURebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsLoss2 - 0
2020,1,25,16,00CDC LW Open 2020WR4Timeless eSportslogo std.pngTimeless eSportsRebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsWin0 - 2
2020,1,25,00,00CDC LW Open 2020WR3Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsMount Olympus Gaminglogo std.pngMount OlympusWin2 - 0
2020,1,24,21,00CDC LW Open 2020WR2Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsLogo std.pngPassion ReapersWin2 - 0
2019,8,15,20,00CWL Championship 2019Pool ACeltic FC Esportslogo std.pngCeltic FC EsportsRebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsWin1 - 3Vod
2019,8,14,23,00CWL Championship 2019Pool AElevatelogo std.pngElevateRebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsLoss3 - 1Vod
2019,8,14,17,00CWL Championship 2019Pool AEUnitedlogo std.pngeUnitedRebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsLoss3 - 1Vod
2019,7,19,22,30CWL Amateur Finals 2019LR4Rebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsTotal Advantagelogo std.pngTotal AdvantageLoss0 - 2
2019,7,19,21,00CWL Amateur Finals 2019WR3Aspire eSportslogo std.pngAspire eSportsRebel Esportslogo std.pngRebel EsportsLoss2 - 1