Reflex GT 10

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Reflex GT 10
Tournament Information
OrganizerReflex GT
Prize Pool4,000 €
Number of Teams22
Location & Dates
GameBlack Ops II
CountryNetherlands Netherlands
Start Date2013-06-29
End Date2013-06-30
WinnerInFamouS eSportlogo std.pngInFamouS eSport
SecondTotal eCircuitlogo std.pngTotal eCircuit
ThirdAvengers.Resurrectionlogo std.pngAvengers.Resurrection
FourthAgainst All authoritylogo std.pngagainst All authority

Reflex GT 10 was an offline event in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Prize Pool

4,000 € was spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team Roster
GoldRibbon.png 1 € 800 InFamouS eSportlogo std.pngInFamouS eSport JoshhTommeyBissellVintaGe
SilverRibbon.png 2 € 500 Total eCircuitlogo std.pngTotal eCircuit RealizeLegendMooseMeLo
BronzeRibbon.png 3 € 300 Avengers.Resurrectionlogo std.pngAvengers.Resurrection OxygenMeloCarbonDylux
CopperRibbon.png 4 Against All authoritylogo std.pngagainst All authority GotagaBroKeNAzoXAgonie
5-6 Milleniumlogo std.pngMillenium KrnagemAxxieRiskiNDiablo
LowLandLionslogo std.pngLowLandLions [[]]
7-8 Lemondogslogo std.pngLemondogs AnntiNiKzNZebbeVirrz
Fariko AllStarslogo std.pngFariko AllStars TorresRusHCrazyaMaZe
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Notable Participants

Eye - Show All.pngRosters


  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  Fariko AllStarslogo std.pngFariko AS 1
  Logo std.pngAVEN 3
  Avengers eSportslogo std.pngAvengers 0
  Total eCircuitlogo std.pngTEC 3
  Total eCircuitlogo std.pngTEC 3
  LowLandLionslogo std.pngLLL 1
  Total eCircuitlogo std.pngTEC 2
  InFamouS eSportlogo std.pngI4L 3
  Against All authoritylogo std.pngaAa 3
  Milleniumlogo std.pngMill 2
  Against All authoritylogo std.pngaAa 2
  InFamouS eSportlogo std.pngI4L 3
  InFamouS eSportlogo std.pngI4L 3   InFamouS eSportlogo std.pngI4L 5
  InFerno eSportslogo std.pnginF 2   Total eCircuitlogo std.pngTEC 3
Loser's bracket
  Logo std.pngAVEN 3
  Milleniumlogo std.pngMill 3
  Milleniumlogo std.pngMill 1   Total eCircuitlogo std.pngTEC 4
  Lemondogslogo std.pngLemondogs 1   Logo std.pngAVEN 3
  Logo std.pngAVEN 1
  Against All authoritylogo std.pngaAa 2
  Against All authoritylogo std.pngaAa 3
  Fariko AllStarslogo std.pngFariko AS 2
  LowLandLionslogo std.pngLLL 1
  LowLandLionslogo std.pngLLL 3

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