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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2015,6,21,16,00MLG Pro League 2015 S3 RelegationLR4SYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingOpTic Nationlogo std.pngOpTic NationLoss0 - 3
2015,6,21,01,00MLG Pro League 2015 S3 RelegationWR3Epsilon Esportslogo std.pngEpsilon EsportsSYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingLoss3 - 1
2015,6,20,15,00MLG Pro League 2015 S3 RelegationWR2Prophecylogo std.pngProphecySYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingWin2 - 3
2015,6,20,00,30MLG Pro League 2015 S3 RelegationWR1SYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingDream Team Bluelogo std.pngDream Team BlueWin3 - 0
2015,5,17,02,00UMG California 2015LR1XGN Competitivelogo std.pngXGN CompetitiveSYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingLoss3 - 1
2015,1,04,17,30UMG Orlando 2015WR2SYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingOpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic GamingLoss1 - 3Vod234
2015,1,04,17,00UMG Orlando 2015LR6SYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingTeam JusTuslogo std.pngTeam JusTusLoss0 - 3Vod23
2015,1,04,01,00UMG Orlando 2015WR1SYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingStrictly Business Gaminglogo std.pngStrictly BusinessWin3 - 2
2015,1,03,21,30UMG Orlando 2015Pool CSYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingEpsilon Esportslogo std.pngEpsilon EsportsWin3 - 0
2015,1,03,20,00UMG Orlando 2015Pool CDenial Esportslogo std.pngDenial EsportsSYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingWin1 - 3
2015,1,03,02,00UMG Orlando 2015Pool CRise Nationlogo std.pngRise NationSYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingWin2 - 3
2015,1,02,23,00UMG Orlando 2015Pool CTeam Envylogo std.pngTeam EnvySYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingWin0 - 3
2014,10,12,01,30UMG Nashville 2014LR1Salvo Gaminglogo std.pngSalvo GamingSYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY GamingLoss3 - 2