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Sikotik Tournament Results
GameIcon BO4.png2019-07-21A11€ 1,600Gamepolislogo small.png Gamepolis 2019Black Claw eSportslogo std.pngBlack Claw eSports RenKoR •   Buller •   Zappy •   Vikul •   ReeaL
Coachrole icon.png
GameIcon BO4.png2019-07-20A11€ 2,200CTPlogo small.png CTP Call of Duty League 2019 FinalsBlack Claw eSportslogo std.pngBlack Claw eSports RenKoR •   Buller •   Zappy •   Vikul •   ReeaL
Coachrole icon.png
GameIcon BO4.png2019-05-12A11€ 2,500EEGlogo small.png EEG Malta 2.0 2019Black Claw eSportslogo std.pngBlack Claw eSports RenKoR •   Buller •   BuRRn •   Zappy •   ReeaL
Coachrole icon.png
GameIcon BO4.png2018-12-09A11€ 3,500EEGlogo small.png GO Malta Esports Festival 2018Black Claw eSportslogo std.pngBlack Claw eSports Indulto •   Kameeh •   Nvidiouz •   RaaDiKaaL •   Sikotik
Coachrole icon.png
GameIcon WWII.png2018-10-21A44LVPlogo small.png MGW Orange Cup 2018Black Claw eSportslogo std.pngBlack Claw eSports MaxedZ •   RaaDiKaaL •   Sikotik •   Vikul
GameIcon WWII.png2018-07-22A22€ 900Gamepolislogo small.png Gamepolis 2018Efficiency Teamlogo std.pngEfficiency Team ASA •   envdiaN •   Nvidiouz •   Sikotik
GameIcon WWII.png2018-06-24A33€ 400Gamergylogo small.png Gamergy Open 2018Ripper eSportslogo std.pngRipper eSports ASA •   MaxedZ •   Sikotik •   Vikul
GameIcon WWII.png2018-04-01F365 - 80CWL2018logo small.png CWL Birmingham Open 2018Efficiency Teamlogo std.pngEfficiency Team Drome •   Drazen •   Sikotik •   RoYii
GameIcon IW3.png2017-10-06A99 - 16LVPlogo small.png LVP La Copa 2017Golden Hawkslogo std.pngGolden Hawks KraSs •   Nvidiouz •   RaaDiKaaL •   Sikotik
GameIcon IW3.png2017-07-23A44Gamepolislogo small.png Gamepolis 2017EHawKerz eSportslogo std.pngeHawKerz eSports Nvidiouz •   RaaDiKaaL •   Sikotik •   Sukry
GameIcon IW3.png2017-06-25A22€ 800Gamergylogo small.png Gamergy Open 2017Logo std.pngLos 4 Olvidados envdiaN •   Nvidiouz •   RaaDiKaaL •   Sikotik
GameIcon BO3.png2016-10-31A55€ 3,000MGElogo small.png Madrid Gaming Experience 2016OverGame Telepizzalogo std.pngoverGame Telepizza Nvidiouz •   Sukry •   RaaDiKaaL •   Sikotik
GameIcon BO3.png2016-06-25A55 - 8€ 400LVPlogo small.png LVP Season 10 Final CupOverGame Telepizzalogo std.pngoverGame Telepizza envdiaN •   Mitoh •   SiiLeN •   Sikotik
GameIcon BO3.png2015-12-06A33 - 4€ 800LVPlogo small.png LVP Season 9 Final CupTalius xPeriencelogo std.pngTalius xPerience Nvidiouz •   RevooL •   SiiLeN •   Sikotik
GameIcon AW.png2015-06-28A55 - 8LVPlogo small.png LVP Season 8 Final CupTeam Outbreaklogo std.pngTeam Outbreak Kameeh •   Kurze •   Palelo •   Sikotik
GameIcon AW.png2015-05-24A77 - 8WYPSClogo small.png WhatYouPlay Season CupWSystem e-Sportslogo std.pngwSystem e-Sports Mykeel •   iKurze •   Supraaz •   Sikotik
GameIcon MW3.png2012-10-28A99 - 16LVPlogo small.png LVP Season 3 Final CupAMp.EU Clublogo std.pngaMp.EU Club DeCoxX •   JaviTo •   PaRKuGH •   Sikotik
Total Prize: EUR 16,100