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Player has retired.
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Background Information
NameMikey Nichols
Country of BirthUnited States United States
 North America
TeamAspire eSportslogo std.pngAspire eSports
PSN IDSStoried
XBL GamertagMikey MLG
Social Media & Links
Infobox Twitterlogo std.png
Infobox GameBattleslogo std.png
Team History
Oct 2016 - Oct 2016
Playerrole icon.png
Cyclonelogo std.pngCyclone
Feb 2017 - Feb 2017
Playerrole icon.png
Sour Gaminglogo std.pngSour Gaming
Mar 2017 - Apr 2017
Playerrole icon.png
Lethal Gaminglogo std.pngLethal Gaming
Jun 2017 - Jun 2017
Playerrole icon.png
WiLD Gaminglogo std.pngWiLD Gaming
Nov 2017 - Nov 2017
Playerrole icon.png
Relic Gaminglogo std.pngRelic Gaming
Dec 2017 - Dec 2017
Playerrole icon.png
OMENlogo std.pngOMEN
Dec 2017 - Jan 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Elite Drivenlogo std.pngElite Driven
Feb 2017 - Mar 2017
Playerrole icon.png
Hydra Gaminglogo std.pngHydra Gaming
Apr 2018 - ??? 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Squirrelly eSportslogo std.pngSquirrelly eSports
May 2018 - Jun 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Mazer Gaminglogo std.pngMazer Gaming
Jul 2018 - Mar 2019
Analystrole icon.png
Rush Gaminglogo std.pngRush Gaming
Oct 2018 - Dec 2018
Playerrole icon.png
C2C Gaminglogo std.pngC2C Gaming
Dec 2018 - Dec 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Dream Conspiracylogo std.pngDream Conspiracy
Jun 2019 - Present
Coachrole icon.png
Aspire eSportslogo std.pngAspire eSports
Mikey "Storied" Nichols is a Coach for Aspire eSports.




Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon BO4.png2019-01-27A55 - 6COD JPlogo small.png CWL Japan National Cup Fort Worth 2019Rush Gaminglogo std.pngRush
GameIcon BO4.png2018-12-29A11$ 1,500SoCal eSportslogo small.png SoCal eSports OTS S2.2Forfeit Gaminglogo std.png4F
GameIcon BO4.png2018-12-09F381 - 112CWL2018logo small.png CWL Las Vegas Open 2019Rush Gaminglogo std.pngRush
GameIcon BO4.png2018-11-25A11$ 1,500SoCal eSportslogo small.png SoCal eSports OTS S2.1Forfeit Gaminglogo std.png4F
GameIcon WWII.png2018-09-22A33PSWW2logo small.png PlayStation World War II Pro League Japan 2018Rush Gaminglogo std.pngRush



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