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TcM CODChamps 2018.png
Background Information
NameTeegan McCarthy
Country of BirthUnited States United States
BirthdayJune 22, 1998 (age 21)
 North America
Social Media & Links
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Infobox Twitterlogo std.png
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Team History
??? 2014 - ??? 2014
Playerrole icon.png
Noble.Blacklogo std.pngNoble.Black
Sep 2014 - Oct 2014
Playerrole icon.png
Aware Gaminglogo std.pngAware Gaming
??? 2014 - ??? 2014
Playerrole icon.png
Elevatelogo std.pngElevate
Dec 2014 - Dec 2014
Playerrole icon.png
Orbit eSportlogo std.pngTeam Orbit
Dec 2014 - ??? 2015
Playerrole icon.png
SYNRGY Gaminglogo std.pngSYNRGY Gaming
Feb 2015 - May 2015
Playerrole icon.png
Team JusTuslogo std.pngTeam JusTus
May 2015 - Jun 2015
Playerrole icon.png
Strictly Business Gaminglogo std.pngStrictly Business
Jul 2015 - Jul 2015
Playerrole icon.png
Rise Nationlogo std.pngRise Nation
Jul 2015 - Oct 2015
Playerrole icon.png
Orbit eSportlogo std.pngTeam Orbit
Jul 2016 - Aug 2016
Playerrole icon.png
Lethal Gaminglogo std.pngLethal Gaming
Aug 2016 - Aug 2016
Playerrole icon.png
Logo std.pngCorn
Aug 2016 - Oct 2016
Playerrole icon.png
Most Wantedlogo std.pngMost Wanted
Nov 2016 - Mar 2017
Playerrole icon.png
Echo Foxlogo std.pngEcho Fox
Mar 2017 - Mar 2017
Playerrole icon.png
Wise Gaminglogo std.pngWise Gaming
May 2017 - June 2017
Playerrole icon.png
Roguelogo std.pngRogue
Jul 2017 - Aug 2017
Playerrole icon.png
InControl Gaminglogo std.pngInControl Gaming
Oct 2017 - Oct 2017
Playerrole icon.png
Projekt Evillogo std.pngProjekt Evil
Oct 2017 - Jan 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Rockets Esportslogo std.pngRockets Esports
Feb 2018 - Mar 2018
Playerrole icon.png
EHAWKS NAlogo std.pngeHAWKS
Apr 2018 - Apr 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Task Force Gaminglogo std.pngTask Force
Jun 2018 - Jul 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Artic eSportslogo std.pngArtic eSports
Jul 2018 - Jul 2018
Playerrole icon.png
InControl Gaminglogo std.pngInControl Gaming
Sep 2018 - Oct 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Krisis Gaminglogo std.pngKrisis Gaming
Nov 2018 - Dec 2018
Playerrole icon.png
Raised By Kingslogo std.pngRaised by Kings
Jun 2019 - Jul 2019
Playerrole icon.png
Encrypted Gaminglogo std.pngEncrypted Gaming
Teegan "TcM" McCarthy was previously a player for Encrypted Gaming.



  • TcM is the only pro to come from the state of New Hampshire.
  • TcM also goes by the name TeeCLAM, in part because of the confusion with TCM-Gaming during the Advanced Warfare Season.
  • TcM was nominated for Rookie of the Year in 2014.
  • TcM started his gaming career at a young age playing competitive Halo.


Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon BO2.png2019-09-29A11$ 6,000Hitchlogo small.png Team Summertime Movember Invitational 2019Logo std.pngRODS
GameIcon BO4.png2019-07-21F365 - 96CWL2018logo small.png CWL Amateur Finals 2019Encrypted Gaminglogo std.pngEncrypted
GameIcon BO4.png2018-12-09E141 - 48CWL2018logo small.png CWL Las Vegas Open 2019Raised By Kingslogo std.pngRBK
GameIcon WWII.png2018-07-25B717 - 24Champs2018logo small.png Call of Duty World League Championship 2018 LCQInControl Gaminglogo std.pngInC
GameIcon WWII.png2018-06-17C525 - 28CWL2018logo small.png CWL Anaheim Open 2018Artic eSportslogo std.pngArtic


  • 2019



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