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Team has Disbanded.
Orbit eSport
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Team Information
Location: Sweden Sweden
Managers: Robbie "Skoal" Meade III
Sponsor(s): Scuf Gaming
Elgato Gaming
Sister Teams (Former): Orbit.DeFy
Team Orbit ANZ
Team Orbit Ladies
Team Orbit NA
Team Orbit.SE
Team Orbit en
Orbit eSport EU
Other Wikis: SMITE
Created: 2013
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Orbit eSport is a professional esports organization based in Sweden.


Humble Beginnings

The original Orbit organization was founded by people that are no longer associated. The organization was completely different back then and their goals were also much different than the goals we have set today. At the time, Orbit was a community organization. The website featured forums for gamers to interact and find others to play with, but there was not a lot of overall structure. Amateur players were recruited to join up, but many went their own way just as easily as they came. Orbit did not sponsor any competitive teams under the name, as most members were simply playing casually. Due to the lack of guidance and structure, the old Orbit eventually faded away. All of this changed in 2012 when Patrik "Gordo" Andersson branched off and created his own brand with Wesley der Hert. The two decided on the name “Team Orbit”, and they had a vision to push the org to the next level and make it something people around the world could recognize as a top contender in eSports.

A New Era

From an idea, a plan of action emerged. Gordo has stated that the overall goal for Team Orbit is to be the absolute best eSports organization in the world. He also wants the players, staff, and fans to feel a sense of community, “I want everyone to know that we do as much as possible for the players, and I want everyone that works for Team Orbit to feel like family. Team Orbit is something we should all feel proud of.” As a new owner with a competitive mindset, Team Orbit was transformed into the organization it is today. Gordo had always been a part of the Call of Duty community, so naturally the first players recruited to compete under the namesake of Team Orbit were top Call of Duty pros. Along with Call of Duty, Team Orbit recruited a top-notch CS:GO team. Team Orbit has also dabbled in the FIFA and League of Legends world as well, but do not currently support any teams.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

In 2014, Team Orbit en qualified to attend the Call of Duty Championship, the largest tournament of the season. The championship is held every spring on the newest Call of Duty title and features a 1 million dollar prize pool. 32 of the top teams from around the world qualify to attend. At this event, Team Orbit was placed into a group of 4 containing the top team in the world at the time, Complexity. Unfortunately, Orbit was not able to move past the group stage in 2014. 2015 has been a completely different story. At the start of the year, teams around the world began preparing for the Call of Duty Championship. Team Orbit had multiple teams attempting to qualify from Sweden, the United States, and the en. After being invited to the European Regional Qualifiers, Team Orbit Sweden were defeated by Team Finland and did not manage to attend CoD Champs. Over in North America however, a Team Orbit squad consisting of Sinful, TwiZz, Accuracy, and Lawless placed high enough to earn themselves a ticket to Los Angeles and a chance at the money. The team was placed into a pool containing, yet again, the best team in the world at the time (OpTic Gaming), along with two European teams, who Orbit defeated. After a close match with OpTic Gaming, Team Orbit came up short but still made it out of the group stage and into the playoff bracket. After several matches, Orbit finished just shy of making it into the money by losing to Team Kaliber 3-2 in map count. Overall, they placed 9th-12th.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Going into Black Ops III, Orbit eSport had picked up an entirely new roster to fulfill their desire of becoming an international organization. This new roster, which resided in the Australia/New Zealand region, consisted of Azzi, Envious, Swiftaz0r, and Nimble. The team started off the new game right as they finished in 3rd Place for both the CWL ANZ Stage 1 Regular Season and the CWL ANZ Stage 1 Playoffs. This is when both Azzi and Envious were released in trade for Bacabec and Zeuss. The updated roster then went on to finish Stage 2 of the CoD World League in 1st Place. However, the team was unable to overcome Mindfreak at the Stage 2 Finals, securing them a 2nd Place finish. The team then earned themselves a spot at the 2016 Call of Duty World Championship, giving them a group that consisted of Team EnVyUs, Cloud9, and Team Vitality. Although they were able to beat the European roster of Team Vitality, Orbit eSport’s efforts were not enough to topple either of the North American powerhouses, placing 17th-32nd overall at the biggest event of the year. Following this poor placement, the team was released on September 19th, 2016, which gave Orbit eSport the opportunity to fully venture once more into European Call of Duty.

Player Roster


ID Name Primary Role Next Team
England Joee Joseph Pinnington 08 SMG Slayer Red EUlogo std.png Red Reserve EU
Wales Rated Rhys Price 12 AR Slayer Red EUlogo std.png Red Reserve EU
England Urban David Marsh 11 Holding AR Red EUlogo std.png Red Reserve EU
England Zer0 Trei Morris 01 Slayer Red EUlogo std.png Red Reserve EU
New Zealand Swiftaz0r Kainen Kini 19 Player Logo std2.png ex-Orbit ANZ
Australia Nimble Giancarlo Vagnini 01 Slayer Logo std2.png ex-Orbit ANZ
New Zealand Bacabec Nathan Munro-Ireland 03 Support Logo std2.png ex-Orbit ANZ
New Zealand Zeuss Rene Corporal 16 Anchor Logo std2.png ex-Orbit ANZ
Germany Shenz Manuel Herbst 19 Player
England dReeaLL Ehsan Javed 04 Support AR Wizardslogo std.png Wizards e-Sports Club
France Logan Tristan Savelli 02 OBJ
Germany GunElite Massi Safi 01 Slayer IMPlogo std.png Team iMPacT
Germany Cosmo Luca Gauer 19 Player Divlogo std.png Team Divinely
Netherlands Subsist Laurens Schuurman 19 Player BFGlogo std.png Black Forest Games
USA Aries Aries Inglot 02 OBJ 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP
USA Apox Michael Williams 19 MWlogo std.png Most Wanted
USA CaLiFa Cameron Joyner 01 Slayer 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP
USA Baker Brett Baker 02 OBJ 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP
USA Realize Derrek Jordan 01 Slayer Retired.png Retired
USA Saint Brian Baroska 03 Support Logo std2.png Meme Team
USA Aries Aries Inglot 02 OBJ Lethallogo std.png Lethal Gaming
USA Examples Alex Hartlaub 02 OBJ VeLlogo std.png Velocity eSports
USA Lawless Ryan Lawless 01 Slayer 3sUPlogo std.png 3sUP
USA Pacman Jonathon Tucker 03 Support QMlogo std.png Question Mark
USA Whea7s Jamal Lee 03 Support QMlogo std.png Question Mark
USA Accuracy Lamar Abedi 03 Support Kineticlogo std.png Kinetic Empire
USA Faccento Brice Faccento 01 Slayer Elevatelogo std.png Elevate
USA Happy Nick Suda 01 Slayer DTlogo std.png Dream Team
USA TcM Teegan McCarthy 01 Slayer Lethallogo std.png Lethal Gaming
USA Replays Chris Crowder 02 OBJ LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming
USA Burns Matthew Potthoff 02 OBJ Riselogo std.png Rise Nation
USA TwiZz Eric Servello 02 OBJ SBlogo std.png Strictly Business
USA SinfuL Jonathan Baez 01 Slayer SBlogo std.png Strictly Business
Netherlands RusH Kelvin Bosman 01 Slayer FabElogo std.png FAB Games eSports
England LXT Brandon McAllister 01 Slayer BRGlogo std.png Barrage eSports
England Bance Ben Bance 02 OBJ BRGlogo std.png Barrage eSports
England Urban David Marsh 03 Support BRGlogo std.png Barrage eSports
USA Huhdle Joshua Piha 01 Slayer Elevatelogo std.png Elevate
USA SiLLY Justin Fargo-Palmer 03 Support Fuselogo std.png Fuse eSports
England Lewis Lewis Walker 03 Support TEClogo std.png Total eCircuit
England Reece Reece Grover 01 Slayer TEClogo std.png Total eCircuit
Canada Ivy Andrew Ivers 03 Support Rxlogo std.png Relapsed eSports
USA Anticity Spencer Askins 03 Support ARlogo std.png Automatic Reload
USA TcM Teegan McCarthy 02 OBJ SYNlogo std.png SYNRGY Gaming
USA FeLonY Tyler Johnson 01 Slayer SYNlogo std.png SYNRGY Gaming
USA Realize Derrek Jordan 01 Slayer CLSlogo std.png Clan Lucky Strike
USA Stringo Joey Giammatteo 02 OBJ ISologo std.png iSolation eSports
USA GodRx Adam Brown 02 OBJ ILLlogo std.png iLLmatic Gaming
Canada CrooK Spencer Hunt 01 Slayer ISologo std.png iSolation eSports
USA ChuBBz Jake Brown 03 Support SiNlogo std.png Team SiNister
England Swifty Gethin Davies 03 Support XENlogo std.png Team XENEX
Scotland Hawqeh Billy Harris 02 OBJ BRGlogo std.png Barrage eSports
England Nathan Nathan Orton 03 Support XENlogo std.png Team XENEX
Sweden Triplyt Lenas Olsson 01 Slayer
USA Bunny Silverio Silva 01 Slayer Logo std2.png Moral Alliance
USA Stun Geoffrey Geltman 02 OBJ WiLDlogo std.png WiLD Gaming
England Wongy David Wong 01 Slayer
England Jake Jake Dalton 01 Slayer TEClogo std.png Total eCircuit
USA Cosmic Kenny Ngo 02 OBJ
England BounCe Connor Mihalyi 03 Support
England Jacko Radamel Jackao 03 Support
Sweden Nero Milos Mladenovic 01 Slayer
Sweden DISSE Robin Olsson 02 OBJ
England MOUVAA Mak Poures 03 Support WGlogo std.png Wrecking Gaming
England BeanBag James Swinnerton 02 OBJ Riftlogo std.png Rift Gaming
England Zer0 Trei Morris 01 Slayer AwGlogo std.png Aware Gaming
England Detain Jed Mulcahy 03 Support Riftlogo std.png Rift Gaming
Sweden Annti Anton Ericsson 01 Slayer
Sweden DSWE David Stahlin 03 Support
Sweden NikzeN Niclas Sjöström 01 Slayer
Sweden Robzy 02 OBJ
Sweden MRTL Alex Bengtsson 01 Slayer
Norway Jaggy Stian Kvalvaagnes 02 OBJ GLlogo std.png GamersLeague



ID Name Position
Sweden Gordo Patrik Andersson CEO
USA Skoal Robbie Meade III Co-Owner
USA Apex Brian Pickens General Manager




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