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Toronto Ultra
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Team Information
Org Location
CDL Franchise
OwnerOverActive Media
Universal Music Canada
Affiliated Team(s)Splyce
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Current Roster
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Toronto Ultra is the official Call of Duty League franchise team of Toronto, Canada. It is owned and operated by OverActive Media. It is the successor to Splyce, which had competed continuously in Call of Duty between 2015 and 2019. The team's main rival is Minnesota RØKKR, who they play in the "Battle of the North".


Modern Warfare[edit]

The CDL Toronto Franchise was officially announced by Activision Blizzard in their first quarter 2019 results as one of the first five Franchise League teams. Wi5dom12 was announced as the team's general manager on August 13, with MarkyB joining as strategic coach 2 weeks later on August 26. On October 24, at their launch party, the team branding was revealed as the Toronto Ultra and they announced their initial ten man roster of Loony, Methodz, Brack, Lucky, MettalZ, CleanX, Classic, Cammy, Bance, and Mayhem. The first starting roster of Loony, Methodz, MettalZ, Classic, and Cammy was announced on January 21, 2020.

At Launch Weekend, Ultra defeated Seattle Surge in map five before losing to home team Minnesota RØKKR 1-3. The following week in London, English player Bance was switched onto the starting roster for MettalZ. The team did not fair any better as they were beaten handily by London Royal Ravens and Paris Legion, knocked out in last place. The team stuck with the same roster for Week 3 and earned the same result - losing both matches and getting eliminated by Paris Legion for a second straight last place finish. Leading up to Week 5, the Ultra added MettalZ back into the starting lineup, replacing Loony. For the first time since Launch Weekend, the team won a series by defeating Florida. After that series, however, the went on to lose versus Dallas Empire and also their rematch against Florida Mutineers. On Twitter before Week 7, Loony's girlfriend claimed he was being "held hostage" in Toronto because he was not able to return home even though he was no longer on the starting lineup. Despite the distraction, the new lineup continued to improve by advancing out of the group stage for the first time after defeating New York Subliners and Minnesota RØKKR. They lost to OpTic Gaming Los Angeles in the semifinal but seemed to have finally established a consistent starting roster to improve with.

This established roster would immediately be thrown back into discord as in the week leading up to Week 9, CleanX was rumored to have been added to the starting roster to replace Classic not due to in game performances, but because Classic left Toronto to visit a sick relative. The team did not scrim while he was gone. He returned in time for the weekend and took his spot back. The went on to lose 3-1 to LA Guerrillas and 3-0 to the Huntsmen. To make things more confusing, CleanX officially joined the starting roster just days after the event and a day before Week 10. This would mark the first time in CDL history that a team fielded a roster with players from five different countries. After narrowly losing to Atlanta FaZe, the Ultra beat up on OpTic Gaming 3-0 in one of the most dominant series of the season including a 250-49 Hackney Yard hardpoint win. New York Subliners would knock them out in the next round. Classic replaced MettalZ in Week 11 as the revolving door of roster changes continued. They beat Atlanta FaZe 3-2 to get out of the group stage but then lost to New York Subliners in the semifinals. In the final week of the season, Ultra's Home Series, they took the event by storm and beat the top three teams attending the event, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta, to win the event in an incredible grand final. They become the third team to win their own home series, joining Atlanta FaZe and New York Subliners. The 50 CDL points earned from winning boosted the Ultra all the way up into the winners bracket for Champs at 7th place with 120 CDL Points.


  • 2019
  • 2020

Player Roster[edit]



BanceBen BancePlayer
Oct 20192019-10-24

CammyCameron McKilliganPlayer
Oct 20192019-10-24

ClassicNicholas DiCostanzoPlayer
Oct 20192019-10-24

CleanXTobias Juul JønssonPlayer
Oct 20192019-10-24

MethodzAnthony ZinniPlayer
Oct 20192019-10-24

BrackCarson Newberry
Oct 20192019-10-24

LoonyDaniel Loza
Oct 20192019-10-24

LuckyAlejandro López
Oct 20192019-10-24

MayhemMehran Anjomshoa
Oct 20192019-10-24

MettalZAdrian Serrano
Oct 20192019-10-24


Players are shown for the entire duration of their tenure on the team, with the role and substitute/trainee status they had upon their departure.

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C ID Name Position
Christopher Overholt President & CEO
Wi5dom12 Dominique Gelineau General Manager
MarkyB Mark Bryceland 80Strategic Coach
Flux Ryan Oldfield 80Analyst


  • Toronto was the first CDL team to field a roster of players from five different countries during CDL 2020 Week 10 - Paris

Team Achievements[edit]

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon MW.png2020-02-23A77 - 8 Call of Duty League 2020 Week 3 - Atlanta Methodz •   Loony •   Classic •   Cammy •   Bance
GameIcon MW.png2020-02-09A77 - 8 Call of Duty League 2020 Week 2 - London Methodz •   Loony •   Classic •   Cammy •   Bance
GameIcon MW.png2020-01-26A55 - 8 Call of Duty League 2020 Launch Weekend Methodz •   Loony •   Classic •   Cammy •   MettalZ


  • 2019
  • 2020


Reveal 2019-10-24
Colors #780DF2, #FFFFFF, #C028B9
Meaning We're Ultra, and like Toronto, we love that what we mean is whatever you represent. Proud, humble, smooth, or loud — whatever you are, Ultra is just the beginning of it. You fill in the rest.
Toronto Ultra: Our Story
When we were thinking through what to call ourselves, our minds travelled through a galaxy of possibilities. Animals, historical connections, tough guy references, and even deep sounding monikers. But in the end, we felt we were just trying too hard.

We're Ultra, and like Toronto, we love that what we mean is whatever you represent. Proud, humble, smooth, or loud — whatever you are, Ultra is just the beginning of it. You fill in the rest.

Our logo is a representation of just that. We’re bringing Bellwoods' White Squirrel to the world's view. To us — it’s a show of our cities character. A symbol that even the smallest parts of what make us who we are, are worth celebrating.

Cementing our spirit — our bright colours and bold wordmark are anything but dull. But then, we’ve never looked to blend in — we’re more than happy to stand out, and stand tall.


Tournaments Hosted[edit]

Game Start End Tournament Location Teams Prize Winner Second
GameIcon MW.png 2020-08-05 2020-08-06 Toronto Ultra $100K Payout North America 32 $ 100,000 Logo std.pngTeam NICKMERCS Logo std.pngTeam Rated
GameIcon MW.png 2020-07-25 2020-07-26 CDC Toronto Open 2 2020 North America North America 168 $ 7,500 Five Starlogo std.pngFive Star Atlanta FaZelogo std.pngAF Academy
GameIcon MW.png 2020-07-25 2020-07-26 CDC Toronto Open 2 2020 Europe Europe 123 $ 6,000 Team WaRlogo std.pngTeam WaR TrainHard Esportlogo std.pngTrainHard Esport
GameIcon MW.png 2020-07-25 2020-07-26 CDC Toronto Open 2 2020 Asia Pacific Asia Pacific 31 $ 1,500 Renegadeslogo std.pngRenegades The Chiefs eSports Clublogo std.pngChiefs Esports Club
GameIcon MW.png 2020-07-24 2020-07-26 Call of Duty League 2020 Week 13 - Toronto Canada 8 $ 100,000 Toronto Ultralogo std.pngTOR Ultra Atlanta FaZelogo std.pngATL FaZe
GameIcon MW.png 2020-07-21 2020-07-22 CDL City Circuit 2020 TOR North America 28
GameIcon MW.png 2020-03-21 2020-03-22 CDC Toronto Open 2020 Toronto $ 13,500
GameIcon MW.png 2019-12-07 2019-12-08 Red Bull AdrenaLAN 2019 Toronto 16 C$ 9,230 Logo std.pngSxD Esports

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