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UMG South Carolina 2016/Open Bracket/Full Results

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Place Prize (USD) Team Roster
011st 1st $12,000 Team Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquid MerK • Burnsoff • Apathy • StuDyy
022nd 2nd $6,000 Enigma6 Goldlogo std.pngEnigma6 Gold Dedo • SiLLY • Assault • Swarley
033rd 3rd $4,500 Jester eSportslogo std.pngJester eSports Chance
044th 4th $3,000 Pnda Gaminglogo std.pngPnda Gaming HumanJesus • Pemby • JuJu • Gunless
5th $1,800 Most Wantedlogo std.pngMost Wanted Hate • DangLez • Mosh • Nelson
6th $1,200 Second Naturelogo std.pngSecond Nature Spoof • Herby • Pronk • Beehzy
7th $900 FlawlessGGlogo std.pngFlawlessGG Thing2 • TezZ • MoTi • Stamino
8th $600 VexX Gaminglogo std.pngVexX Gaming Prophet • FA5TBALLA • SARCO • TuQuick
9th-12th - Logo std.pngBoundByGames Esco • LaHGunna • Gunnex • Macho
Velocity eSportslogo std.pngVelocity eSports Mochila • Examples • eGo • LlamaGod
Team Vigorlogo std.pngTeam Vigor Yohan • ProFeeZy • Destiny • ShooKy
Broken Alliancelogo std.pngBroken Alliance KlinK • Plezia • Magsy • bPeen
13th-16th - Logo std.png4Amigos
Logo std.pngElysian e-Sports Parker • Convict • Pickles • Juvy
VanQuish Gaminglogo std.pngVanQuish Gaming Holler • TFly • Envader • Pandur
EZG eSportslogo std.pngEZG eSports Paranoia • Atura • Apox • Mayhem
17th-24th - Cloud9logo std.pngCloud9 Accuracy • CaLiFa • SinfuL • KiLLa
Kingdom eSportslogo std.pngKingdom eSports
Logo std.pngRuthless
WarFare Gaminglogo std.pngwarFare Gaming
Apotheon Esportslogo std.pngApotheon Esports
Logo std.pngTeam Dynasty
Logo std.pngCyborg Gaming
Phoenix Prologo std.pngPhoenix Pro
25th-32nd - Logo std.pngRampageCOD
Logo std.png3rdeye Gaming
Senix eSportslogo std.pngSenix eSports
Logo std.pngCross Platform Streamers
SetToDestroyXlogo std.pngSetToDestroyX Hippo • Remo • Alpha • Slick
Logo std.pngvizuaL
EXcess Gaminglogo std.pngTeam Excess
Logo std.pngCompact
33rd-48th - Reborn Knightslogo std.pngReborn Knights
Logo std.pngDigital Assault
Logo std.pngGuerilla Gaming
Logo std.pngLucid Gaming
Logo std.pngUnderCover Esports
Cave Gaminglogo std.pngCave Gaming
Logo std.pngAlways on Point
Logo std.pngEvil Nation eSports
Logo std.pngTempeist
Cutlass Gaminglogo std.pngCutlass Gaming
Logo std.pngTeam eRa
Logo std.pngDefiant Gaming
Logo std.pngRevamped Gaming
Logo std.pngTri3ity Se7en
Logo std.pngHorizon eSports
Logo std.pngRizeGaming
49th-63rd - Logo std.pngGrace Sanctity
Logo std.pngUnderrated
Aspire eSportslogo std.pngAspire eSports
Logo std.pngEthereal Esports
Logo std.pngARCANE
Stunner.eXslogo std.pngStunner.eXs
Logo std.png3xIT Gaming
Logo std.pngVaevictus Gaming
FLARE eSportslogo std.pngFLARE eSports
No Luck Gaminglogo std.pngNo Luck Gaming
Logo std.pngMake America Great
Logo std.pngMercyeSports
Flight eSportslogo std.pngFlight eSports
Logo std.pngorgless
Logo std.pngArmory eSports
64th-91st - Logo std.pngZeno Gaming
Logo std.pngAverage Joes Esports
Logo std.pngFlex Competitive
Logo std.pngFlaxo Gaming
Logo std.pngTeam Carnage Gaming NA
Logo std.pngRadium.Devious
Logo std.pngAverage
Logo std.pngSpooky Esports
Logo std.pngTortilla Gods
Logo std.pngAces Down Gaming
Wise Gaminglogo std.pngWise Gaming
Logo std.pngSuperior
Logo std.pngTeam Quantum
Logo std.pngGamerz in Arms
Logo std.pngVirtueGaming
Logo std.pngPremium
Logo std.pngWarrior eSports
Logo std.pngWereUnForgiven
Logo std.pngDeToX
Logo std.pngPrevail or Die + 2
InControl Gaminglogo std.pngInControl Gaming
Logo std.pngPurpose Gaming
Logo std.pngInspire Gaming
Logo std.pngOmni
Logo std.pngTopDogEsports
Sway Gaminglogo std.pngSway Gaming
Logo std.pngiControl Esports
Logo std.pngTeam Carnage Ladies
92nd-103rd -
Logo std.pngIron Sentinels
Logo std.pngMoral Alliance
Logo std.pngAverse eSports
Logo std.pngSodality GG
Logo std.pngMediocre At Duty
Logo std.pngMadmen.GG
Logo std.pngElite Drunks
Logo std.pngOverDoseVisionz
Logo std.pngH8TR Gaming
Logo std.pngProphet Gaming
Logo std.pngTeam Reign LG
Logo std.pngBlaze Retribution