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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2019,3,16,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 10UnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingGNOWlogo std.pngGNOWWin3 - 0
2019,3,09,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 8UnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingTeam Desolatelogo std.pngTeam DesolateWin3 - 0
2019,3,02,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 6UnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingZ3US Gaminglogo std.pngZ3US GamingWin3 - 0
2019,2,23,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 4BossQue Gaminglogo std.pngBossQue GamingUnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingWin0 - 3
2019,2,15,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 2FuZion Legacylogo std.pngFuZion LegacyUnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingWin2 - 3
2019,2,02,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 1E2S Gaminglogo std.pngE2S GamingUnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingWin2 - 3
2019,2,01,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 1Venom Spectrumlogo std.pngVenom SpectrumUnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingWin0 - 3
2017,3,04,23,002017 CWL Sydney Open 1LR3Prodigy eSportslogo std.pngProdigyUnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingLoss3 - 0
2017,3,04,02,452017 CWL Sydney Open 1Pool AProdigy eSportslogo std.pngProdigyUnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingLoss3 - 0
2017,3,04,00,152017 CWL Sydney Open 1Pool AUnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingRageESClogo std.pngRageESCWin3 - 2
2017,3,02,23,002017 CWL Sydney Open 1Pool ATainted Mindslogo std.pngTainted MindsUnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingLoss3 - 0
2017,1,22,11,30Asia Championship 2017GFUnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingRamPaGe Gaminglogo std.pngRampage GamingWin3 - 0
2017,1,22,10,00Asia Championship 2017Round 5Rvo3logo std.pngRvo3UnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingWin0 - 3
2017,1,22,08,30Asia Championship 2017Round 4Logo std.pngFuryUnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingWin0 - 3
2017,1,22,07,00Asia Championship 2017Round 3UnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingRamPaGe Gaminglogo std.pngRampage GamingWin2 - 1
2017,1,22,05,30Asia Championship 2017Round 2UnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingINNoVatioNlogo std.pngiNNoVatioNWin3 - 0
2017,1,22,04,00Asia Championship 2017Round 1NGK eSports APlogo std.pngNGK eSportsUnVeiL Gaminglogo std.pngUnVeiL GamingWin0 - 3