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Fatal Ambition
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Fatal Ambition is an multi-game eSports organization based in the United States. It was founded by Jeffrey Avila Ramos aka "Jeff360MLG".



Fatal Ambition entered the competitive world of Call of Duty during the release of Call of Duty:Ghosts in 2014. They made their first appearance at AEL Dallas placing top 6.

Advanced Warfare[edit]

In Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare, Fatal Ambition created a youth development team, which made their appearance at eBash. The youth team surprised most by taking 3rd place, right behind SoaR Gaming. Fatal Ambition sent two teams to MLG Columbus, unfortunately unforeseen events left both rosters picking up 2 random players for each roster just a few hours before the event. Both teams ended up not placings as high as expected because of the random pick ups. Fatal Ambition picked up a Canadian roster for the Call of Duty Championship 2015, and qualified for the North American regionals. The team played the veteran roster of Team EnVyUs first round of the event. Although the series were close, Team EnVyUs came out on top with a 3-0. Fatal Ambition was knocked down to the losers bracket to play Team Orbit. Fatal Ambition finished with a 25th-32nd placing.

Black Ops 3[edit]

Fatal Ambition qualified for the Female Pro League through the Female Pro League Qualifier. A few weeks into the season, the Female Pro League roster was transferred to Lightning Pandas.

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Primary Role Next Team
United States Ghoster Brandon Mestas 75Objective Team Obeylogo std.pngTeam Obey
United States Nihill Brian Nihill 65Support Team ESPORTlogo std.pngTeam ESPORT
United States Skuxx Sage Padilla 65Support ILLmatic Gaminglogo std.pngiLLmatic Gaming
United States FeaR yK Jared Hillios 65Support EcHo Gaminglogo std.pngEcHo Gaming
United States Chancho Nick Campbell 61Slayer
United States FA5TBALLA Ethan Wedgeworth 65Support SetToDestroyXlogo std.pngSetToDestroyX
United States Ivy Andrew Ivers 65Support ISolation eSportslogo std.pngiSolation eSports
Canada Slumber Shane Burnham 75Objective Revengelogo std.pngRevenge
United States Zoomi Jake 65Support
United States Atomic Jack Seroy 65Support
United States Temp Donovan Laroda 61Slayer Elevatelogo std.pngElevate
United States Remark 65Support
United States Aries Aries Inglot 65Support Team Ignitelogo std.pngTeam Ignite
Canada Michael Michael 65Support Gravity Gaminglogo std.pngGravity Gaming
Canada Xertz Jake 65Support Gravity Gaminglogo std.pngGravity Gaming
United States Papey Zach 75Objective Gravity Gaminglogo std.pngGravity Gaming
Canada Mutex 65Support Gravity Gaminglogo std.pngGravity Gaming
Canada Josephs Alec J. Thomas 61Slayer
United States SaKen Ricky Dixon 75Objective
Canada Daze Adam Aniskiewicz 65Support
Canada Stumpfy Mathias Stumpf 65Support TIC Gaminglogo std.pngTIC Gaming
United Kingdom Laurahendoo Laura Henderson 61Slayer Lightning Pandaslogo std.pngLightning Pandas
United Kingdom Dagra Daniella Gradl 65Support Lightning Pandaslogo std.pngLightning Pandas
France LadyLyne Sandrine Moua 75Objective Lightning Pandaslogo std.pngLightning Pandas
United States BlondeVenom Halina Malik 65Support Lightning Pandaslogo std.pngLightning Pandas



ID Name Position
United States Jeff360MLG Jeffrey Avila Ramos Owner

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