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NN Ozone
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Background Information
Country of BirthPoland Poland
TeamLogo std.pngNuclear Nuke
Social Media & Links
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Team History
December 2013 - December 2015
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Logo std.pngNuclear Nuke
December 2015 - January 2016
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Logo std.pngGenesis Gaming/AZG
January 2016 - Present
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Logo std.pngNuclear Nuke

nN Ozone is an amateur competitive player as well as co-owner and captain of the organisation Nuclear Nuke. He first started on Nuclear Nuke in CoD Ghosts, where he found no real significant success. When Black Ops 3 came out, he jumped boat and joined AzG for about a week (while still remaining on and endorsing the nN brand), and his clan Genesis Clan also had little success. This was due to one of his friends selling his PS4 and his others not acting with proper conduct and purposely throwing matches for fun. He is now looking for players who share his hobby of competitive CoD and who take it seriously.

Black Ops 3 He is as of right now playing Singles on GB's after his failure with several clans after his transition to PlayStation 4.

Player Profile Ozone is an IGL OBJ Support who runs a variety of guns. In Black Ops 2, his main guns of choice were the MSMC and M8A1. In Ghosts, he notably used the MTAR-X, even after the infamous Champs patch, however still used the Vector CRB and R5 when necessary. In AW he ran (surprise, surprise) a BAL-27 and an ASM1. In Black Ops 3 he runs a rotation of the VMP and M8A7, and if both banned, the Sheiva and Kuda. He's known for his in-game hype and his encouraging of team-mates in-game to spread the hype. He's known to be a pretty laid-back person in real-life and pubs. But has no problem lashing out and being serious while playing Competitive, and having an intense rush to win. He mainly supports OpTic Gaming in the competitive scene however supports Rise Nation and dT (mostly because of Killa and Diabolic) as well. He has started to support Hundred Thieves due to their upset win at Relegation (not really because of Nadeshot, I supported KingPapey before too.) And Supremacy due to their play in the EU CWL.

Troubles in the CoD Scene nN Ozone, while looking for an organization, is still optimistic towards helping nN grow, as it's a eSports team he helped create. While playing Ghosts and learning about Clan vs. Clan, him and his best friend nN RaMpAgE decided to co-lead a clan. They however had issues with several players, some problems being the disability to find permanent team-mates as well as current team-mates either constantly missing scrims or abusing their positions in the team. When he joined AzG and GNSS, he found his team-mates to have intense mood-swings, not listening to callouts and performing questionable plays, as well as being extremely arrogant and purposely throwing GB matches (e.g. running Rapid Fire despite his resistance, not joining back to matches after reset etc.) as a 'joke'. Therefore he is playing PS4 arena to find potential players, while still having a vision of returning to, and salvaging the nN Brand alongside nN RaMpAgE.

A New Rise Ozone has now returned to Xbox One to play on Nuclear Nuke currently only with nN RaMpAgE and nN Hax.

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