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C'est bien SteAvy il y a une erreur dans le bracket : - Flaz (talk)

Roster Boxes[edit]

Uhm do you mean the Roster Boxes on the ESWC page? First you need to upload the images you want to use, using the Upload page. After that you need to add the a line to the Template:TeamImage before the "|#default" part in the template. The line should be structured like this:


with the teamname being put in instead of TEAMNAME and the file that you just uploaded instead of FILENAME (without the File: infront of it though).

A good example should be for team Plantronics, where you probably want to use the currently uploaded logo here

The code that you need to add to the Template:TeamImage now should look like this:


If you still need more help just tell me :)

ok i wasn't sure if we were going by where they are from or where they are living because past events we would have goonjar as canada but he is living in the usa

ok so we are going by where they are currently living then?

No FaZe France page. They don't compete at events to my knowledge? -Goal

They have some very weird relation to FaZe Clan. But no page for FaZe France until they place "well" at an event.

Where did you find the format for the Gfinity Open? - Goal

Hey man, any chance do you know the prize the top three teams earned at SFCO PS4 BOIII 3? - Jeddy (talk) 13:38 PM (EST)