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Team has Disbanded.
vVv Gaming
Team Information
Location: United States USA
Managers: Michael Del Brocco
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vVv Gaming is a former North American eSports Organization based out of Los Angeles, California.


What most people don’t know about vVv Gaming is that they have been around the Call of Duty scene since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. vVv Gaming harbored two great Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare teams vVv Sagacity on PC and vVv ViViD on the Xbox 360. After Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, vVv Gaming went dormant for awhile, out of the Call of Duty spotlight, but once Call of Duty: Black Ops broke into the LAN scene it was time for vVv Gaming to return. vVv Gaming picked up a team known as vVv Fly Society. Fly Society did well for vVv Gaming, giving them multiple top 16 finishes at MLG events, but nothing compared to the hype that was supplied by their next team. With a new game on the MLG Circuit, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, vVv Gaming set their eyes on a new team that was blasting through the amateur scene going on an impressive win streak on MLG’s Pro Scrims. That team was known as Adversity, the team was comprised of hungry players looking for their chance in the spotlight: Realize, Theory, Complex, Replays. This team would soon after shock the Call of Duty community placing 3rd at the MLG Winter Championship in Dallas, and after that finishing 7th at the Call of Duty Championships. In the wake of the disappointing finish at the Championships the team disbanded, but not soon after Realize and Theory found there way back to vVv Gaming. Along with 2 of the original members of vVv Gaming came Goonjar from Donut Shop and the legend Sharp from Team FeaR. This team would have a rough finish at MLG Anaheim, placing 7th, far away from their projected top 4 finish, causing a break from vVv Gaming. Three members of this vVv Gaming squad would soon join Team Kaliber and become one of the best teams to compete in Call of Duty in the past year. Since MLG Anaheim 2013, vVv Gaming has struggled to find their ground in the Call of Duty scene. However with the Call of Duty League that MLG has put together as well as upcoming events, vVv Gaming figured it was time to re-enter the scene. You can catch vVv Gaming at all the upcoming events, and also keep a look out on twitter for their trademark #BelievVve during events.


Player Roster

Temporary Subs

ID Name Primary Role Replacing Tournament
USA Dedo Dedo Kenneth 01 Slayer United States Realize Call of Duty Championship 2013


ID Name Primary Role Next Team
USA Sharp Brandon Rodgers 03 Support TKlogo std.png Team Kaliber
USA Goonjar Jevon Gooljar-Lim 03 Support TKlogo std.png Team Kaliber
USA Theory Dylan McGee 02 Objective TKlogo std.png Team Kaliber
USA Realize Derrek Jordan 01 Slayer SoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming
USA TwiZz Eric Servello 01 Slayer Kineticlogo std.png Kinetic Empire
USA KiLLa Adam Sloss 03 Support XGNlogo std.png XGN Competitive
USA John John Perez 01 Slayer E6logo std.png Enigma6 Group
USA PHiZZURP Phillip Klemenov 02 OBJ XGNlogo std.png XGN Competitive
USA FEARS Damod Abney 01 Slayer XGNlogo std.png XGN Competitive
USA FeLonY Tyler Johnson 01 Slayer E6logo std.png Enigma6 Group


Team Achievements

Recent Achievements (full list)
Game Date Place Event Winnings Roster
GameIcon AW.png 2015-07-12 A77 - 8th UMG Dallas 2015 PHiZZURPJohnFeLonYFEARS
GameIcon AW.png 2015-06-21 A77 - 8th MLG Pro League CoD AW Season 3 Relegation Tournament PHiZZURPJohnTwiZzKiLLa
GameIcon AW.png 2015-05-17 A77 - 8th UMG California 2015 PHiZZURPJohnTwiZzSinfuL
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-05-04 B717 - 20th UGC Niagara 2014 SenderDiabolicRealizeFLawLesS
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2013-11-24 B717 - 24th MLG Fall Championship 2013 BurnsWolfSiDRoCHysteria

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