Venom ReD/Schedule History

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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2019,3,31,12,00Axis Esports League S1 PlayoffsGF2Love Potionlogo std.pngLove PotionVenom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDLoss3 - 2
2019,3,31,09,30Axis Esports League S1 PlayoffsGF1Love Potionlogo std.pngLove PotionVenom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDWin1 - 3
2019,3,31,08,00Axis Esports League S1 PlayoffsLFVenom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDE2S Gaminglogo std.pngE2S GamingWin3 - 1
2019,3,31,06,30Axis Esports League S1 PlayoffsWFLove Potionlogo std.pngLove PotionVenom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDLoss3 - 0
2019,3,30,12,00Axis Esports League S1 PlayoffsWR2Venom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDFuZion Legacylogo std.pngFuZion LegacyWin3 - 0
2019,3,30,09,00Axis Esports League S1 PlayoffsWR1Venom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDVenom Spectrumlogo std.pngVenom SpectrumWin3 - 0
2019,3,15,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 9Venom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDVenom Blacklogo std.pngVenom BlackWin3 - 0
2019,3,08,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 7Venom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDEl Ghost Clanlogo std.pngEl Ghost ClanWin3 - 0
2019,3,01,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 5Venom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDLove Potionlogo std.pngLove PotionLoss1 - 3
2019,2,22,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 3Silver Crowlogo std.pngSilver CrowVenom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDWin0 - 3
2019,2,15,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 2TapFirelogo std.pngTapFireVenom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDWin0 - 3
2019,2,02,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 1Avarice Gaminglogo std.pngAvarice GamingVenom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDWin0 - 3
2019,2,01,12,00Axis Esports League 2019 S1Week 1Alpha Wolveslogo std.pngAlpha WolvesVenom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDWin0 - 3
2018,5,12,08,40Asia Championship 2018LR2Venom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDAvarice Gaminglogo std.pngAvarice GamingLoss0 - 2
2018,5,12,07,30Asia Championship 2018LR1Venom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDItsNuttylogo std.pngItsNuttyWin2 - 0
2018,5,12,05,10Asia Championship 2018WR1Avarice Gaminglogo std.pngAvarice GamingVenom ReDlogo std.pngVenom ReDLoss2 - 1