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Vitality.Rises/Schedule History

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DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ResultScoreVODs
2014,3,29,23,15Call of Duty Championship 2014LR2Vlogo std.pngVitality.RisesStrictly Business Gaminglogo std.pngStrictly BusinessLoss1 - 3Vod234
2014,3,29,21,45Call of Duty Championship 2014LR1Team Immunitylogo std.pngTeam ImmunityVlogo std.pngVitality.RisesWin0 - 3Vod23
2014,3,29,19,15Call of Duty Championship 2014WR1Vlogo std.pngVitality.RisesEpsilon Esportslogo std.pngEpsilon EsportsLoss0 - 3Vod23
2014,3,29,16,00Call of Duty Championship 2014Group FVlogo std.pngVitality.RisesWizards e-Sports Clublogo std.pngWizards e-Sports ClubWin3 - 0Vod23
2014,3,29,03,30Call of Duty Championship 2014Group FRise Nationlogo std.pngRise NationVlogo std.pngVitality.RisesLoss3 - 2Vod2345
2014,3,29,02,30Call of Duty Championship 2014Group FVlogo std.pngVitality.RisesBrazil 5 Starslogo std.pngBrazil 5 StarsWin3 - 1Vod234
2014,2,15,20,30Call of Duty Championship 2014 EUSFEpsilon Esportslogo std.pngEpsilon EsportsVlogo std.pngVitality.RisesLoss3 - 2
2014,2,15,17,30Call of Duty Championship 2014 EUQFLogo std.pngAllStarsVlogo std.pngVitality.RisesWin1 - 3
2014,2,15,14,30Call of Duty Championship 2014 EUR16Orbit eSport EUlogo std.pngOrbit eSportVlogo std.pngVitality.RisesWin1 - 3