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Team has disbanded.
XGN Competitive
Team Information
Org LocationUnited States United States
 North America
SponsorScuf Gaming
Kontrol Freek
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Konsole Kingz
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XGN Competitive is a United States based gaming organization and website, which previously fielded competitive rosters in Call of Duty.


XGN started in 2010 with the initial dream to give gamers of all sort to have a place to interact with other gamers. Today this community has over 10,000 members of individuals who interact with each other. Additionally, XGN has an active forum, which its members can use to communicate and discuss things gaming related and non-gaming related. Their website remains active and hosts gaming tournaments in a number of titles.

The team's competitive Call of Duty roster disbanded after their top 20 placing at MLG World Finals 2015.


  • 2014
  • 2015

Player Roster[edit]


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Vietnam Complex Nguyễn Đức Hồ 61Slayer Fatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal Ambition
United States ASSASS1N Robert Walsh 75Objective G4G FeaRlogo std.pngTeam FeaR
United States JaMeZz James Bjoralt 75Objective
United States Baker Brett Baker 78Anchor Noble.Blacklogo std.pngNoble.Black
United States TriZy Brandon Ferraro 75Objective
United States Stun Geoffrey Geltman 61Slayer Dare Risinglogo std.pngDare Rising
United States Ghoster Brandon Mestas 75Objective MRKN Clanlogo std.pngMRKN Clan
United States BreeZy Michael Gaetano 75Objective
United States NexXx Jeremy Scarfino 61Slayer Retiredlogo std.pngRetired
United States TuQuick Aaron Chang 75Objective EXcellence Gaminglogo std.pngeXcellence Gaming
United States Rizma Alexander Lopez 65Support Retiredlogo std.pngRetired
United States Bevils Embry Bevil 61Slayer Enigma6 Grouplogo std.pngEnigma6 Group
United States Bloodz Ryan Schuh 61Slayer Retiredlogo std.pngRetired
United States ColeChan Cole Chancey 61Slayer Below Zerologo std.pngBelow Zero
United States Huhdle Joshua Piha 61Slayer Iceberg Esportslogo std.pngIceberg Esports
Ukraine Blfire Mikhail Glushenok 65Support Denial Esportslogo std.pngDenial Esports
United States Lawless Ryan Lawless 61Slayer Orbit eSportlogo std.pngOrbit eSport
United States MerK Joey Deluca 75Objective Logo std.pngNation
England Error Logan Emmanuel 75Objective
Netherlands Subsist Laurens Schuurmans 61Slayer Logo std.pngFAB Games
England JME James Eden 61Slayer
England Chain 61Slayer
England CleanX 75Objective
England Woody 61Slayer
Belgium Nevo Robbe Dhondt 61Slayer Reward eSportslogo std.pngReward eSports
Canada Goonjar Jevon Goonjar-Lim 61Slayer 3sUPlogo std.png3sUP
United States Spacely Michael schmale 75Objective Team JusTuslogo std.pngTeam JusTus
United States StuDyy Jeremy Astacio 61Slayer Team JusTuslogo std.pngTeam JusTus
United States FEARS Damod Abney 61Slayer TCM-Gaminglogo std.pngTCM-Gaming
United States Legal Tyree Glover 61Slayer 3sUPlogo std.png3sUP
United States Nelson Brandon McKinney 75Objective Most Wantedlogo std.pngMost Wanted
England Niall Niall Sunderland 61Slayer Rift Gaminglogo std.pngRift Gaming
England Defrag Adam Matthews 61Slayer Rift Gaminglogo std.pngRift Gaming
England Disarray Ewen Harmer 75Objective
England Reach Ryan Nimmo 61Slayer Eye 4 eSportslogo std.pngEye 4 eSports
United States Lacefield Andres Lacefield 65Support Thrust Nationlogo std.pngThrust Nation
United States PHiZZURP Phillip Klemenov 75Objective Apotheon Esportslogo std.pngApotheon Esports
United States KiLLa Adam Sloss 61Slayer Kinetic Empirelogo std.pngKinetic Empire
United States FeLo Tyler Johnson 75Objective VVv Gaminglogo std.pngvVv Gaming
United States StuDyy Jeremy Astacio 61Slayer Enigma6 Goldlogo std.pngEnigma6 Gold
United States Demented Bailey Lockhart 61Slayer Jester eSportslogo std.pngJester eSports
United States Chance Eric Moore 11Player Jester eSportslogo std.pngJester eSports
United States Johnny John Cookson 78Anchor Jester eSportslogo std.pngJester eSports
United States Nihill Brian Nihill 65Support Jester eSportslogo std.pngJester eSports



Team Achievements[edit]

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon AW.png2015-10-18B717 - 20
MLG World Finals 2015
 PHiZZURP •   KiLLa •   StuDyy •   FeLo
GameIcon AW.png2015-09-06B313 - 16$ 1,000
UMG Washington DC 2015
 PHiZZURP •   Lacefield •   KiLLa •   StuDyy
GameIcon AW.png2015-08-30A22£ 1,000
 Defrag •   Disarray •   Reach •   Niall
GameIcon AW.png2015-08-23B313 - 16
MES Detroit 25K
 PHiZZURP •   Lacefield •   KiLLa •   Nelson
GameIcon AW.png2015-07-12B313 - 16
UMG Dallas 2015
 Spacely •   KiLLa •   StuDyy •   Goonjar



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