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ZooMaa PL 2019.png
Background Information
NameThomas Paparatto
Country of BirthUnited States United States
BirthdayAugust 9, 1995 (age 23)
 North America
TeamOpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic Gaming
FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe Clan
RoleSMG Player
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Dec 2013 - Jan 2014
Playerrole icon.png
Batilogo std.png Bati
Jan 2014 - Jan 2014
Playerrole icon.png
Fierce Gaminglogo std.png Fierce Gaming
Jan 2014 - Feb 2014
Playerrole icon.png
Fearless Under Firelogo std.png Fearless Under Fire
Mar 2014 - Apr 2014
Playerrole icon.png
Erupt Gaminglogo std.png Erupt Gaming
May 2014 - Jan 2015
Playerrole icon.png
Denial Esportslogo std.png Denial Esports
Jan 2015 - Apr 2015
Playerrole icon.png
Team Envylogo std.png Team Envy
Apr 2015 - Present
Playerrole icon.png
FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe Clan
Jan 2019 - Present
Substituterole icon.png
OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OpTic Gaming
Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto is a substitute for OpTic Gaming on loan from FaZe Clan.


ZooMaa initially came from a online GameBattles S&D background, commonly playing with pro players. In the latter stages of Call of Duty: Ghosts, ZooMaa proved himself as a top performer. He placed T12 with Denial at MLG Anaheim, his first LAN event with a full and practised team. After recognizing the talent, Denial's CEO released all players on Denial except ZooMaa following RosterMania. After picking up Saints, Crowder, and StuDyy, they took a 1st place finish at UMG Dallas 2014 - ZooMaa's second LAN event. They followed it up with a 2nd place finish at UMG Nashville 2014. Unfortunately they did not continue their success at the final event of, MLG CoD League Season 3 Playoffs, but ZooMaa still retained his reputation of a great up-and-coming player that started to compete at the highest level of competition in a very short period of time.



Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon BO4.png2019-01-20B515 - 16CWL2018logo small.png CWL Pro League 2019 QualifierFaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe
GameIcon BO4.png2018-12-09B313 - 16CWL2018logo small.png CWL Las Vegas Open 2019FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe
GameIcon BO4.png2018-10-13A33ELEAGUElogo small.png ELEAGUE CODNATION Challenge for VetsLogo std.png PACM
GameIcon WWII.png2018-08-19A33$ 100,000Champs2018logo small.png Call of Duty World League Championship 2018FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe
GameIcon WWII.png2018-07-29A55 - 6$ 32,500CWL2018logo small.png CWL Pro League 2018 Stage 2FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe




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